We’re not taking dictation. Trust your professional.



Is the customer always right? Of course not. This is not 1950.

Are we word slaves at the service of tyrannical bosses? Nope.

If somebody calls and wants us to essentially take dictation, I’ll refer them to a typist.

If someone tells me they’ve completed their first screenplay and it’s brilliant, and all they need is a little editing and a polish, I warn them. “Stop right there. You may think it’s brilliant, but a professional screenwriter will probably think otherwise. If I send your work to one of my people, I guarantee you will hear things you don’t want to hear.”

We’re not trying to beat you up. We want you to succeed, and we know what needs to be done to achieve that. And we know if you’re new at this that you’ve made mistakes that will prevent your work from ever being filmed.

Don’t sabotage yourself.

Let’s pretend you have a basic understanding of how the mechanical innards of a car work. You take the car to a mechanic because it’s become sluggish. The mechanic will want to know the symptoms; that will help his diagnosis. But that mechanic will not appreciate being told what to do by an amateur.

If you want the job done right, trust your professional.


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