Emergency priority screenwriting & script doctor services

Emergency priority screenwriting & script doctor services.

Rush scriptwriting. Priority script doctoring. Emergency screenplay writing.
Right now script services Quick turnaround screenwriting. Last minute script doctor services.
If any of that describes your conundrum, read on. This is for you.

By- Michael McKown

If that’s what you need – when yesterday isn’t soon enough — we will do our best to get your screenplay fixed and out the door on time. And surely you know it is never a good idea to wait until you’ve run out of options.

But we do understand that, on occasion, shit happens and you’re left stranded with a problematic script and mere hours before a crucial deadline.

The main problem with last-minute service requests is writer availability. You’re leaving us with no opportunity to plan. Will a writer be available within an hour of your call to us? We hope so.

Emergency priority screenwriting & script doctor services. Another problem with emergency script writing is the very limited time available for dickering back and forth over changes or additions you want us to make. If you give us virtually no time for discussion over the changes you requested and the material we generated in response, then you’re left with this uncomfortable result: Trust the writer.

What follows is a text exchange with a client. The first text arrived at 10pm Pacific time on a Wednesday.

Him: Hello, I am looking for a script doctor to enhance my script by developing compelling dialogue. Developing interesting character arc. Expanding on main characters’ motives. Allowing more depth and more scenes. Building closure for deaths. I need this script finished in two days, however, because our editor fell through.

Me: Holy shit! That’s a lot of stuff to do in a very short period of time.

Him: Yeah, I’m stressing big time.

Me: I can probably find a writer to do this but I’m sure it’ll be expensive.

Him: I have grammar and format. Eighty-six pages. It’s a complete script in terms of it being finished; just those important aspects I need added.

Me: This is no time to deal with anyone but a top-level pro.

Him: I can’t be played, though. I need top quality.

Me: You are proposing a large amount of work in a very short period of time.

Him: Yes, I’m in such a bind. I understand it is a lot, though.

Me: Nobody’s gonna play you but they are gonna charge for it. OK, gimme your full name, location and email address.

Him: (His identifying information deleted.)

Me: All right. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Him: Thank you!

(At this point, I texted one of my screenwriters but received no response within 15 minutes. So I texted another. I made it clear to her this is a super rush job and she is free to set any price she wants. This is all about what the writer wants in exchange for intense work with probably little or no sleep.)

Me: Hang on, am talking with one of my screenwriters.

Him: OK, sounds good.

Me: (Name deleted) is a screenwriter and teaches screenwriting at a university. She will contact you momentarily. If you two want to jump on this, there is no time for a contract and you will need to prepay.

Him: What is the price we’re looking at?

Me: Ask her.

Him: With all due respect, with the prepayment, how am I guaranteed a finished product and something that is satisfying?

Me: You aren’t. With this kind of deadline, you’ve got to trust that the writer knows what to do and can get it right on the first try.

Him: Can we pay a deposit then?

Me: You prepay everything. Remember “Trust the Force, Luke”? Trust your writer.

Him: Ahhh, alright, I will!

Me: Seriously, you’re out of time. Just be sure you’re crystal clear on what she needs to do.

Him: So, let’s do this.

Me: I will send over a non-disclosure agreement.

Him: OK, thank you.

Me: Since there is no time for a contract, I am herewith stating some formal conditions, and I need you to agree with them. OK?

Him: OK.

Me: 1. There is no satisfaction agreement. 2. There shall be no rewrites. 3. The work will be delivered to you “as is” and you agree up front to accept it “as is.” 4. There shall be no refund. State in a text now that you accept conditions 1 through 4.

Him: I accept conditions 1-4.

Me: Thank you. All right, we’re good to go.

Our published rates appear on our Rates page but a request like this means forget about the published rates. This is a case of emergency screenwriting with a huge amount of work that needs to be done correctly and delivered quickly. It cost him some four figures. Our writer discovered the screenplay was badly written with major plot problems. She did a complete rewrite simply out of pride in her work and a sense of generosity. But the work was delivered on time and the client was pleased with it.

We can provide rush screenplay and script doctor services, but you’re better off by hiring someone reliable in the first place, someone who won’t desert you at the last minute and leave your very expensive filmmaking project to twist in the wind.

But if your head is in the guillotine and some guy with a timer in his hand is counting down to blade-dropping time, call us. We can handle last-minute, quick-turnaround, emergency writing services. But you can believe the shorter the deadline, the more it’s going to cost.