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Bad writing wastes your time. Bad writing submitted to a producer, publisher or executive wastes their time, gets you rejected and remembered. You don’t want to be remembered for wasting the valuable time of those people. It’s business suicide.

Whatever your story is and in whatever form it is in, it must be really good, otherwise you’re in trouble.


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Free advice: Don’t waste the time of decision makers with a badly-written, or boring, unclear or confusing script or document.

Clearly, the fact that you’re reading this means you’re looking for help with your project. Or maybe you’re just seeking some advice for the moment. Either is OK with me. I know we can help you, and that extends to conversation about your project – free!

Where to find writers? Well, if you’re looking for super-cheap, you can find that on those well-known freelancer websites. It’s likely that those cheap writers aren’t even in this country, and it’s virtually guaranteed they’re going to stumble over heavily idiomatic [definition] American English. Don’t expect to be able to call those writers or do one-on-one collaboration, because you can’t.

Forget about artificial intelligence chatbots, such as ChatGPT. They’re free to use but software has no imagination, no emotion, and those are supremely important. An AI chatbot may be able to pass the bar exam, but if you have it write your book or film, the photo above will be the reaction you get. Don’t do it, or you’ll need to change your name to submit your next project.

My name is Michael McKown and I’ve been passionate about our language since I was a little kid. In grade school when recess began, the other kids shot out of the classroom to play ball. But you wouldn’t find me on the playground.

Instead, I could always be found by the classroom steps, listening to a teacher who would read stories to me and a few others. I’m old now with lots of wrinkles but otherwise I’m the same guy. Still fascinated with stories.

Our finished work ends up in the hands of important people who have no time to waste on badly-written material. Those people are literary agents (who represent film makers and publishers), music producers, stage play producers, and business executives who make decisions about public relations, copywriting, webtext and more. Whatever it is you want to create, the bottom line is this: It must be excellent or it will end up in the reject pile. You’ve got one shot to get it right. Getting it right is what we do.

Price? Just check our ghostwriting rates page. We are a mid-priced service.

The writers you will find in the photo gallery below are true professionals. My writers are under contract to my company for a reason: They’ve got the skills, they deliver client work on time, and each has an outstanding client service attitude. I know that for a fact because I screen them. Consequently, Ghostwriters Central enjoys an excellent reputation, world wide.

My company’s writers perform work in the following areas:

  • Manuscript writing services and proposals for books of all kinds.
  • Movie screenplays, log lines, treatments and synopses.
  • Script doctoring and rewrites.
  • Television pilots, TV series bibles and associated pitch documents.
  • Playwright services, for Broadway or neighborhood productions.
  • Speech writing services, for retirements, graduations, weddings, wedding vows, motivational and sales speeches, and more.
  • Webtext, business blog, advertising copy, website copy, and social media writing services.
  • Crisis communications management and business press releases.
  • Rap-writing and custom song lyrics, for any occasion.
  • Wedding officiant speeches.
  • Op-ed opinion pieces for websites and/or newspapers.

All that’s left for you to do is contact us to discuss your project. We’ve been listening to clients since this business began in 2002. Click this link to see your options to contact us.