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Let us write the letter you wish you could write.

By- Michael McKown
President, Ghostwriters Central, Inc.

You know what you want to write. You can feel it in your heart and your brain holds every detail, ready to go. Maybe the letter you have in mind is your only opportunity to express your thoughts completely and achieve the result you desire. And if that is the case, don’t mess up. Concerns about your ability to get the message successfully across in one attempt should result in a conversation with a professional writer.

After all, pro writers are in the business of effective communication.

The next step is to tell that professional writer every detail. Let that writer organize your thoughts and choose the approach most likely to achieve the result you seek. A frustrated writers in need of a professional.

One recent example concerns the descendants of the two partners in a business. The founding partners passed away, and the descendants are in conflict over ownership. One party has seized control and we were hired to write a letter on behalf of the other party to arrive at a fair and reasonable solution to ownership and operations, while providing everyone concerned with an accurate historical perspective. Letters such as this must be persuasive and honest without being offensive.

What sorts of letters can we write for you? Any of these plus whatever you may need that’s not in this list:

      • Admission essays.
      • Apologies.
      • Argumentative essays.
      • Blog posts.
      • Business letters.
      • Complaint letters.
      • Congratulatory letters.
      • Creative letters.
      • Job applications / cover letters / post-interview follow-up letters.
      • Love / romance / erotic letters.
      • Motivational letters.
      • Personal statements.
      • Questionnaires.
      • Recommendations.

Furthermore, your letter or essay or questionnaire will be personalized, original, plagiarism free, and quickly delivered. Our hourly billing rate shall apply.

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