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Reading the Torah scroll.

By- Dr. Diana Rangaves

“Moses received the Torah at Sinai and he transmitted it to Joshua,  and Joshua to the elders, and the elders to the prophets, and the prophets transmitted it to the Men of the Great Assembly . . . [who] said three maxims: Be measured in the legal process, raise up many students; make a fence for the Torah.”  —Ethics of the Fathers 1:1.


Floating down a river of antiquity, text, practices, theological positions, and organizations, are gradually molded in a dynamic interplay. We seek to know the unknowable, as intelligent, reputable, and reflective peoples.

In the article MIDRASH: The Stories We Tell, Why the Torah Remains an Open Book by Reba Carmel:

“Midrash is our persistent attempt to create meaning — yet the question remains, meaning out of what and for whom?”

The Hebrew word Midrash is pronounced “mid-rash” and seeks to clarify, expand, and make relevant teachings through stories, allegories, and parables. They can be scholarly or artistically illogical. The word means the study of textual interpretation.

This method of interpretation is notably used in the Talmud.

Quest of Judaism ~ Relationship with the writings

Understand that a relationship with the writings is the fruition of the circle of life.

Elements of sacred text encompass birth, death, history, teachings, faith, belief, time, and love.

This is the universal human essence. Prepare yourself.

The God of Abraham delivered leadership and law at a time of tribal divisions. A voiceless scribe presents the debates, culture mythology, and oral tradition supplementation, conjecture, and study comprised within the

  • Tanakh ~ The Hebrew Bible
  • Torah ~ Five Books of Moses
  • The Prophets
  • Writings
  • Oral Traditions
  • Midrash
  • Talmud
  • Traditions of Matrimony
  • Blessing the Challah
  • S’eudah Mitzvah
  • The Hora
  • Mitzvah Dances
  • Mezinke Tanz
  • Krenzel
  • Birkat Hamazon

To unlock this course of research and scholarship intermixes principles, Codes, analysis, and ever infinite searchings.

The genesis of the manuscript

The process is tailored to your needs, purpose, conceptual elements, and vision. We start with a discovery call session. From there, we create an outline and general structure of the book. Based on the client as an individual, informal conversations through multiple interviews and, if necessary, follow-up with other participants, speakers, and research allows for the core message to unfold. At times they are recorded and transcribed, other times, you write critical thoughts, perceptions, and ideas. 

We may not know what is coming next, yet we trust the process and listen to the voiceless voice. It is an evolving method of gaining knowledge that deep dives into uncharted areas. I am collaborating with you to write your book.

Involvement is vital, think of writing a book as a jigsaw puzzle. We must align all the pieces and assemble. Some of your work will be to be mindful and aware of your thoughts, taking notes as they occur. Your mind’s eye will be exceptionally active, and your dream state-initiated. Things will pop and shift for you when you see an image, read a quote, see some type of action, hear a song, or the spoken word, and you must be prepared to support your process and keep a detailed record.

Together we will bring your book to life.

What I bring

Your book is a powerful instrument that shares a story, fulfills your destiny, and solidifies your brand. The account can remain private within your inner circle or shared globally.

Part of my family is Jewish. Growing up and in college as an undergraduate, I studied the Torah, Religious Humanities Studies 1 and 2, and completed a research thesis on Jewish religious rituals.

As a ghostwriter, I have penned books for instructors, coaches, CEOs, philanthropists, athletes, business leaders, and serial entrepreneurs.

Why people believe in me

Tony DiRico ~ Founder, CEO
“Dr. Diana Rangaves has been a major force in publishing and assisting others in publishing their works. She has an amazing capacity to bring out the best in people. I have enjoyed our professional relationship, and I know I can always count on Dr. Diana for support and assistance. I highly recommend her as a professional ghostwriter to know and work with.”

Darrell Terry ~Founder | CEO | Navy Veteran | Serial Entrepreneur | Keynote Motivational Speaker | Author | Philanthropist
“I highly recommend Dr. Diana Rangaves. Her resume speaks for itself. Working with her on my upcoming book has been an amazing and uplifting experience. She has great insight and patience. She is great at massaging subject matter out of your head and HEART to make sure she is getting the best information for her to complete her task of completing your book the correct way. I will be working with her on future projects. I encourage anyone looking to write and publish a book to connect with Dr. Rangaves. She is a professional, attentive, and assertive colleague that I have had the utmost pleasure working with. She is very efficient, and her follow up is amazing. I highly recommend Diana for any project/position you may want to work with her on or delegate to her.”

Lori Wallace ~ Founder, CEO
“I’ve known Diana for at least 10 years now and I am consistently impressed by her creativity, resilience, and deep desire to serve others. Diana will give you the whole of her heart and mind when serving your needs in mentorship, teaching, writing and more. I am so grateful to be in community with this amazing woman!”

Mesha Mebane-Berry ~ CEO l PROV 29:18 l Mindset Mentor; I Help 40 plus community “PIVOT MINDSETS” from EXISTING to LIVING!
“Diana is EASY to work with. She listens to you with intention about your writing projects and needs. What is even more impressive is how quickly she completes the projects. Another bonus is she is on the West Coast, and I am on the East Coast, and together, we get things done. Diana and I will be working together for a long time. I HIGHLY recommended her for your creative writing projects. You will NOT be sorry you did.”

Dale Patrick Correa ~Founder, CEO at Patrick Allen Group
“Dr. Rangaves has an excellent background in Pharma and technology, along with a wide range of applicable skills. She has been instrumental in my online brand promotion with flexible and competitive pricing. I look forward to using her services on an ongoing basis. A wonderful resource for a small business owner.”

Gray Johnson ~ Marketing Consultant
“Dr. Rangaves is a consummate professional. I have gotten the chance to work with her in several different capacities and have great respect for her ability to merge subject-specific writing with SEO expertise. I have recommended Diana to multiple colleagues, all of whom have been nothing short of impressed. I highly recommend her services to anyone in search of freelance writing, editing, research, or content strategy.”


On a branch, a cricket is singing his story to those that will listen. Is there a prophetic narrative, scholarly account, or novel you wish to voice to the voiceless?

It is with an appreciation I greet your resilience. In mindfulness and prayer for you that your inspiration for Divine origins will be reflected. During raging waters, you are still singing. Share that story with Ghostwriters Central and me.

If you happen to be working on a Jewish-themed writing project and find yourself in need of professional ghostwriting, rewriting, or editing assistance, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout right away.


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