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 Christian ghostwriting, editing & rewriting services.

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Woman reading a Bible.

By- Dr. Diana Rangaves

“Tell them my message is contained within the words of my Son’s apostle,” Proverbs 2:1 in this context resonates among Christian writers, readership, and authors to be.

In the beginning

We each have a story to tell, be it an observer, witness, or educator around non-fiction or fictional events. Christian themed writing projects bear evidence to the Christian God. Whether it is the God of the present, past, and future in an intellectual pursuit, dramatic narrative storytelling, or personal experiential knowledge of the Divine, ghostwriters feed your dream and bring it to life.

Language is a powerful expression of wisdom, inspiration, and illumination. It possesses the capacity to spotlight your message, story, and views of the Divine. Ghostwriters fly with you into the realms of philosophy, history, reformers, religious mystics, or spirituality, whereby if you imagine it, we make it a reality.

As a Ghostwriters Central author, I deliver client-centered manuscripts of transformation, spiritual growth, intellectual and social-emotional conversation in our care. Our purpose is to uncover the hidden story within you, write, and enhance the content.

Scope and variety of projects

Christianity is a timeless subject that encompasses individual accounts, chronicles, novels, dark and light, good and evil, shadows and clarity, historical research, faith, ethics, church, and the multi-faceted debate of Christianity and society.

The Apostle Paul describes in 2 Corinthians 3:18 transformation and how to reflect God as a mirror in our daily life.

“And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the LORD, who is the Spirit.”

Seek and ye shall find (Matthew 7:7). As ghostwriters, we provide perspective on ministry, culture, and theology for preachers, pastors, Christian studies specialists, authors, and pure artists. The scope of project possibilities is endless. They span fiction, non-fiction, screenplays, speeches, sermons, song lyrics, testaments, and biblical angles, and assessments.

Each generational author brings unique alternative conversations to the center of their books.

Karen Armstrong, the author of A History of God, wrote in the introduction, “There is no objective view of ‘God’: each generation has to create the image of God that works for it.”

As a versatile ghostwriter experienced in numerous venues, there is no judgment. Enjoying involvement is eternally fulfilling. The subject matter has included,

Middle Ages Christians
Gifts of Salvation
Eternal Paradise
Trust Jesus Christ
Child of God
What is Christianity?
Traditions of Christianity
Christian Matrimony
Christian Religion and Church
Critical thinking, and examinations, debates, research, and other Christian-themed authors writing projects who sought a professional ghostwriter.

Guidance along the path

This is about an experience, a personal journey of reflection, learning, and education that refreshes the Soul. Creation is the process of making your book. That progression brings mercy, frustration, and deep joy.

I listen to your story.

I come into your heart.

Yes, it can be a profound experience, as I pay thoughtful attention and learn to capture your authentic voice. My philosophy is, ‘Straight to the Heart of your story and onto the page.”

Yes, everyone thinks about writing a book. Many write or have one ghostwritten. Of those some publish for the world, others keep it in the family as an heirloom legacy.

Not all books are for the bookstore, and some pass down as a private history. Others are for business people and other professionals who wish to enhance their subject matter expert brand and Internet presence.

What is your story? Have you lived a full life and desire to preserve precious memories? Do you want to publish for the world or keep it in the family as an heirloom legacy?

Ghostwriter’s Central and I can help.

Manuscript development

Each story is as unique as the author. I customized manuscript development to meet your needs and work with you. There are many instruments in the toolbox. The starting points run the gamut. Some clients have already written material, others start with an idea, and then there is everything in between.

The process takes work and never compare yourself with others. Lines are written and deleted, rephrased, and changed. What matters is showing up and being yourself.

So, remember, I am here to see that your story is born. To meet that end, you can use a variety of tools throughout the process.

Road map: We need a plan to know where we are starting, places we are visiting, and where we want to end up. This can take the shape of a written outline, headings, key concepts, notes, and elements to be addressed.

Vision Dream Board: This technique uses images and story fragments cut from magazines, newspapers, or the internet that have popped for you. They are significant in guiding your story narrative through the highs, lows, climax, transformation, and conclusion.

Photographs, mementos, letters, diaries are additional triggers of ideas, dramatic arcs, and manuscript treatment.

Interviews with you or others are a method to gather critical information. Each in-depth session lasts about one hour, and the number varies based on the project requirements. They are held by phone, or video chat, where you meet your writer face-to-face.

Questionnaires hone various scraps of material that need further development. They serve to trigger memories, generate new ideas, tangents, and construct a framework.

Active journaling is a practice whereby you write down keywords, dreams, fragments, plot sequencing, ideas, messages, and other devices. I keep a notebook on my night table. So, when I awake at 2 am with inspiration, it does not disappear in the cloud of a dreamy haze.

Research is an active process using the outline as guidance. This is my forte. It adds depth and context to the narrative and answers the question, where is the message going.

The Empty page approach, much like active journaling, is where you write down your thoughts at the moment. It is a progression of jumbled ideas that the ghostwriter can assemble.

As you can see, these are all active participation methods that progress in intensity. You can have confidence that as your story materializes, I write your book. It does not stop there. There are milestones where you comment, edit, and review the words as the manuscript advances.

Why work with me?

My job is to help bring your book into reality. As a Google Scholar, holding a doctorate from the University of California, I specialize in many genres and niches. An award-winning writer, my work appears in numerous venues, including children’s picture books, medical, pharmaceutical books, academic books, articles, blogs, and scholarly articles.

I authored the children’s picture book, The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion ~ Friendship Children’s Values Series (2018), a Five-Star Winner of Readers’ Favorites.

My series Escape into Excellence ~ Building a Foundation for Honest Decision Making (2015) and Embrace Your Excellence ~ A Psychopharmacology Primer and Mirror to the Soul (2016) benefits Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation. I am currently working on the Ethical Hacker ~ Acidemia, a political suspense thriller novel.

Research is my strength and I have over 30 years’ writing experience, leadership, content creation, storytelling, and 15 years as an academic professor.


Do you have an idea seedling in your mind space right now? Let it take root, blossom, and grow into a Tree of Knowledge for others. Share your eternal message. We all have that power, our precious story within.

Let’s do it. Step out in faith and contact us today for Christian ghostwriting, editing and rewriting services.


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