Should you hire a screenwriter from a freelancer website

Hire a cheap freelance screenwriter & misery could await.

By- Michael McKown

Freelancer websites – and there are many, just Google for: hire a freelancer – you’ll find the usual high-profile websites that connect writers, artists, web designers and much more to clients. I’m sure a lot of the writers offering their services thereupon are honest and highly skilled, but hiring a screenwriter from these bigtime freelance services is usually highly restrictive.

Think: Trying to breathe when someone’s gripping you around the neck. Frustrated older man 480w

These websites tightly control communication between the client and the writer. Can you just call up the writer and discuss the project? No. Every communication needs to go through the service, and it must always be in writing. A response could take a day or longer. This is awkward at best and idiotic at worst. Every bit of communication is throttled, slow and difficult. Forget about brainstorming over the phone of via Skype or Zoom or Facetime.

And then there’s the matter of location. Many of the cheapest writers are outside the USA. English for these people is often not their first language, meaning the subtleties of American English and its idioms are lost on such writers. Which means your script will likely never survive a read by an agent or producer.

You can save money by hiring a screenwriter from a freelancer website. I mean, they offer their rates on these sites. If money is your primary concern, yeah, congratulations, you’ll save bucks. But you may end up tearing your hair out over the problems encountered in dealing with a writer in this manner.

If you’re wondering whether what I’m saying is true, hire one to write a 10-page screenplay as a test. Order some changes and see how well they’re implemented and how quickly. Tell the writer you need to speak with him or her directly over some detail, and good luck with that.

When you conclude this is a dumb way to work with a writer, just call us or fill out the form on our Contact page. You’ll enjoy a far better experience.

If you’re like most people, you have little tolerance for stupidity. We feel the same way.