clients comment on our ghost writing services

Clients comment on our
ghost writing services.




(All comments are authentic. You will encounter some explicit language below)

Hey Michael! I got my script from Ted and he did a great job!! Thank you!

We’re so happy with this book, Diana (Rangaves)! What would be the next step in getting an illustrator involved? We truly appreciate all of your help with this! Thank you so much, Diana!!! (Children’s book).

It is SO good!!!! We’ll be going through it in detail over the next couple of days, but we really are so impressed!! Thank you so much! (Draft of a children’s book).

Michael, Whitney did an OUTSTANDING job. I’m very impressed with her. Thank you for helping me so quickly. (Rush wedding speech).

Absolutely brilliant job amazingly done by Adam Rocke. His work exceeded all my expectations. Most importantly, Adam expressed deep interest in the story and didn’t do it just as a technical assignment, he truly got involved in the script. Always great communication and personal approach. Couldn’t be happier! Five stars!!

I apologize for not getting back to you (Brian Ackley) after the wedding. I want to let you know that the speech was received amazingly well and that I had Jacob and his family laughing the entire time while being heartfelt and sentimental. I could not have asked it to be any better, and I thank you.

James (Creviston), you have done a marvelous job making the entire book energetic, amusing , enlightening, and educational. Thank you very much for a job well done.

Brian (Ackley) is amazing!!!! He is wonderfully masterful at writing, he is also understanding, discerning, kind, talented, human, wonderful, everything…I adore his writing and him. I am so very proud of my speech. Thank you for connecting us. How do I give him a tip directly? (High school graduation commencement speech.) Another comment received later: Nailed it. EVERYONE is talking about my speech. Parents, teachers and students. The compliments are overflowing. The principal told me that so many people have been calling her to tell her how great it was. It was a huge success. Wow! Thank you so much again!

First of all, thank you for choosing Cody to do my script. She is really one of a kind. She is intelligent and very helpful as well. She’s a hard worker. She knows her work as far as writing my screenplay. You have chosen a great person to work for you. I will hire her anytime to write for me. She’s the best and I don’t think, you’ll find anyone else like her. Thank you, Michael, for your business and helping people like me. Again, you have a winner there.

Speech went over great! I used it as a template and added a lot of adlibs. Thanks again. (Last-minute father of the bride speech, no time for revisions.)

This piece is sooooo well balanced! My goodness you nailed it! I don’t see a need to make any suggestions or changes. Well done! (Business article).

Chuck Loch did a terrific job writing a treatment for my screenplay. He was prompt, professional and courteous and pulled together a solid representation of my story. Highly recommended.

We weren’t very happy with Brian McLaughlin (as he will tell you) when we first started. After going through all the material, he has been wonderful! We love what he has done and has added so much to the book with his research! We couldn’t be happier. Thank you for choosing Brian to work on the book.

I just want to say thank you, again, Brian (Ackley), the vows were perfect. I couldn’t stop crying when I was reading them to her in front of our guests, family and friends. I’m forever grateful to you. I appreciate the time, effort and energy you put into it. You’re an amazing writer and I’ll make sure to stay in touch. All the best to you!

Many thanks! Amazing ghostwriting service. It has been my life dream to become a successful screenwriter, and Cody Smart, with her high professionalism and amazing writing skills, is making this possible. I am impressed with the work she has done for me. I found Ghostwriters Central to be dedicated and resourceful in all matters. Thanks to you and your team.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your review and positive comments. I have the book with a significant…history professor now to ensure I am accurate in some of my assertions. I can’t wait to get the book to my literary agent. It was a great pleasure working with you.

Well, it was worth the wait and the chase…. I for sure won’t be able to deliver like your voice attachment — that was awesome! Would be shocking if I could…. You’re very talented. (Wedding rap).

Thank you, Deborah, so very much. It’s an awesome tribute to my late uncle and a beautiful song. It means a lot to me and I’m sure his daughters will love it also. Will Let you know if I make it on America’s Got Talent. (Song lyrics).

Thank you so much for your hard work on this. I love how this is shaping out. I’m presenting around 8:30 this evening so the hard deadline will be around 7pm. You are extraordinarily good at this and I’d love to work with you on future speeches, to build off of this one. I’m available by email and phone for the rest of the day if you have questions as we work to go final on this. (Ten-page motivational speech, rush service).

Thank you, well received! I am happy with the result. (Birthday poem).

There are no words to adequately thank you for the great job. I’m really grateful for your writing. We will continue to do business together and I hope to meet you one day. Thank you again. (Screenplay).

The speech is EXACTLY what I need! I want you to know I appreciate your efforts and writing style — it is perfect for my delivery style. Thank you, I look forward to future opportunities to work with you!

I am loving what I’m reading, extremely visceral and taking me back in years to the very moment. You actually made the scene more real than what I could write, yet I lived it! Thanks for helping make my story come more to life! Your work is fabulous! (Book manuscript).

Hi Kate -– why would I want to revise perfection? You did a wonderful job and I’m extremely pleased and grateful! You are clearly a skilled writer and I truly appreciate your attention to the details I shared and crafty ways in which you integrated them through the speech. I’m also loving the little poem you developed –- so perfect!! I’ve gone from dreading this event to anticipating this moment. Thank you for crafting a speech that will truly be a gift to my sister and her future husband! All my thanks! (Wedding speech).

“Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate it! I love the final speech. I will definitely recommend you and the ghost writing team to friends who come across the same predicament. Thanks again!” (Wedding speech).

“Phenomenal! I LOVE it and I absolutely love the structure! Blown away — you literally nailed this! Wow! This three-layer approach is so brilliant, thank you! NO changes, I love it as is! This is perfection! I thank you for this incredible job well done! You have once again blown me away. How did you gather all of that information from what I gave you? You NAILED THIS! Your work is tremendous and I thank you! I’d love to send you a little something to say thanks. Do you have a mailing address I can send to? I thank you from the bottom of my heart!” (Speech, and tips are welcome).

“Thank you sir! I am halfway so far, and it’s looking great! Proud of it indeed! I will push it with all of my might in the coming weeks. Will keep you posted. Thanks again. Big hug.” (Book manuscript, we also accept hugs).

“I’ve only just begun reading these posts, and I have to say my heart is singing! My day is hectic and I won’t be able to give these my full attention, which pains me greatly. Ugh! Thanks so much for putting your heart into this project with me. It means the world to me. I will read everything and respond as soon as I am able.” (Three business blog posts).

“I just wanted to let you know the speech went beautifully. Everyone loved it, especially the groom and his bride. Thank you!”

“GOLD! Love it! Beat that Paul W.S. Anderson, LOL. All good from my end.” (Screenplay).

“I absolutely love it. It was great! I read it five times or so and was happy with it. …I really enjoyed it and I want to get the next set under way! Thank you for taking such good care of my material and making it a great read! So far there is nothing I would change. Hope to here back from you today so we can continue on. Woohoo!” (Book manuscript).

“Looks great, thanks.” (Wedding vows).

“I just wanted to let you know that I got called to LA for a meeting with a BIG producer (name and company deleted) and his head of development yesterday! They said they both liked the script and expressed interest in working with me to develop it! They also requested my other screenplay (one you haven’t seen), and discussed my interest in working for them on one of their other projects they’re developing! Super excited, and I thought you’d like to know! Thank you so much for your help and advice. It’s so rare and exhilarating for me to have good news like this!”

“Thanks so much! This is great! I might change a few things but overall this is exactly what I wanted! Thanks again for rushing to do this for me!” (Speech).

“Guys, words will never convey our appreciation for your masterful skills in writing these speeches. You were totally outstanding from start to finish, incorporating the challenges we gave you. The family dinner speech was very difficult in delivery, as you can imagine, when I addressed the loss of our son Sam and the name of our new son-in-law. I had to stop several times to compose myself. Guests commented that they enjoyed the speeches by us since they included both seriousness and levity. We would never hesitate to use you again. Thanks again.”

“Awesome! Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, been busy with work. Thanks!” (Marriage vows).

“Hi thanks for the speech. It looks good. I will let you know if there are any edits after this weekend’s rehearsal.” (Wedding speech).

“This is great. I’ll take it from here, thanks.” (Speech).

“Hello Ghostwriters Central. Thank you so much! They are beautiful!” (Wedding vows).

“Thank you very much for all your assistance. Our agreement was for two edits, and you have fulfilled your obligation wonderfully.” (Letter).

“Hi! The screenplay is magnificent. The characters are clearly drawn and engaging. The action carries the story forward at all times. The pacing is great. The dialog is crisp and textural. The narrative is succinct and dramatically illustrative. You are very gifted.”

“I must say that I am glad that you understand me. I enjoyed reading the first two blogs. Thank you. Now, I’m really excited about what we can do together.” (Business blog posts).

“Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to thank you again for your help with this. Everything turned out great!” (Maid of honor speech).

“You’ve written a fantastic piece that all makes sense as to the style of writing. …Thank you again for the congrats and being such a great person to work with. You made this very easy and yet delivered something very personal and bespoke.” (Wedding reading).

“Thanks. That’s great. You nailed it.” (Best man speech).

“Been meaning to write you for sometime now. Needless to say, the speech was masterfully written and flawlessly delivered. I’m still hearing compliments. I wanted to invite you to the wedding, but as you indicated, you aren’t in my area. Thank you for all of your help. In that short amount of time you concocted greatness. I am sure I will be seeking your services again in the future!”

“Thank you! It’s great. You literally put my thoughts into words and it sounds good! I’ll let you know if I need any revisions, but I don’t foresee any!” (Wedding vows).

“I suspect that waiting on my verdict has been similar to the college kid waiting to see his grade on the final history exam. Well, you passed and you passed with flying colors! I love what you’ve done and I’m proud of your efforts. …By and large, I think we’re just about there. I do want to bounce a couple of things off you and get your opinion, but I’ll do it starting tomorrow. For now, thank you for your good work. Best to you.” (Screenplay draft).

“Thanks again for all your help and support in making this happen.” (E-book).

“That’s great, thank you. The transitions were subtle, but still noticeable and much smoother.” (Speech revision).

“Been waiting anxiously and you haven’t disappointed! This is great stuff! I’m really, really pleased and to think you’d be able to get this just right!” (Novel).

“I’ve read up to page 30 so far and I’m in awe of your ability. I had a computer glitch that took up valuable time, but I am getting this resolved and am looking forward to finishing this first go-through read later today. But preliminarily, in a phrase, I’m feeling the love! It is exciting and the characters are very clearly being drawn. The story telling is entertaining and gives a sense of some ominous force yet lurking in the background for the characters.” (Book manuscript).

“Hi, I’m sorry I’ve been on the move nonstop but I read the speech and think it’s really great. I loved that it includes quotes of things I said to you!”

“I love it, thank you.” (Wedding vows).

“It’s outstanding! Truly, seven stars — love it!” (Speech, seven out of seven?)

“Looked through the prologue, epilogue and chapters, and very pleased with the outcome. I think it looks really good and professional now. I’m adding the pictures and sending it off. Thank you again so much for your great expertise!” (Book manuscript).

“Hey guys, I just wanted to say that my team here is very pleased with your work, it was really nice work you put together. I know there was some miscommunication at times but you made it happen. I’ll be reaching out to you in the future for the book. Also I’ll send you the link to the movie when it’s edited and finished. Thanks again, great doing business with you. You are an honorable man.” (Film script).

“I just got back into town and opened up this email. HOME RUN! You perfectly wrapped this essay around the quote. I am afraid to ask for any changes for fear of unwrapping such a tight, beautiful piece! Thank you!”

“Ok, ok! I teared up, ahhhhh! I am so excited. You tied it all in so well! I cannot wait to get up there and give this in my own words! Thank you so much! I am going to print this out and read over it again and again. I will let you know how it goes! Fingers crossed!” (Maid of honor speech).

“Wow, you are so fast and amazing! This is perfect! Many, many, many thanks!” (Leadership speech).

“I just wanted you to know the speech was a huge hit! Thank you for all your help!”

“Wow, thank you so much! I feel like the work you do is so excellent! It is so very helpful to be able to pass along a project and see the way you are able to run with it. You are so talented and I’m so glad we connected. Can you tell me more about the work you do with books or online courses? Thanks for your help and for this beautiful blog post, I love it!”

“The speech was a hit. Thank you very much!” (Wedding speech).

“I’m amazed how beautifully you wrote it and how you described my faith, thank you. Thank you very much. I have a lot of respect for you.” (Poem).

“I know that you already know this, but you are an amazing writer. Thank you for doing so well on this project! (Book manuscript).

“Thank you! This is perfect as is!” (Marriage vows).

“Hi Mike, thank you so much. I really like it!” (Song lyrics).

“Thank you! I think it came out great! I’m going to share with my wife tonight and see what she thinks! I will let you know!” (Best man speech).

“This is amazing! I love the fact it literally sounds like what I would’ve produced but it has a better flow. I may change a few little minor details but I am still thrilled. Thank you so much!” (Wedding vows).

“Wow, a tremendous bit of work here; very impressive. Please allow us a little time to get right spot on the mark good!” (Book manuscript).

“OMG! These words are so beautiful. You have brought tears to my eyes. I know these are my words, but just the way you put them on paper is outstanding! I cannot thank you enough! I am one happy bride!” (Wedding vows).

“Wow! That sounds great! Thanks again for all your help and your awesome communication. I really appreciate it!” (Wedding speech).

“You are truly gifted. This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. You crafted and delivered an exceptional written product for me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May I kindly extend a ‘bonus’ to you for your outstanding work? I hope to continue to work with you in the years to come. Your boys are very lucky to have such talent running through their veins.” (Book manuscript).

“Love the 30 new pages. Incredible work. Haven’t looked at revisions yet. Was too excited to see the new work. It’s amazing how you keep a reader hooked.” (Book manuscript).

“Thank you very much! We really appreciate your efforts! You will be a part of our lives forever!” (Wedding vows).

“‘S.’s’ work got accepted today by a good agent. I am hoping to sign the agreement tomorrow. You did an excellent job in editing her work, and I wanted you to know this.”

“Awesome! I like it a lot. Yeah, I’ll probably leave out the serenade quote, haha. Thanks again, and I’ll definitely remember and recommend you in the future.” (Speech).

“Our show is growing feet, we’ve been through four staged readings, preparing for a world preview. Your lyric is VERY IMPRESSIVE, and I dare say, that among dozens of poets I have dealt with, YOU STAND OUT.” (Song lyrics).

“Oh my goodness, I am very excited about this and am happy with the professional outline and structure of the script. I felt like I was right there spitting what you wrote, but yes this is awesome. All in all, absolutely awesome!”

“Brilliant! THANK YOU!” (Wedding toast).

“It’s wonderful! Thank you so much!” (Wedding speech).

“The speech for Sam was fantastic! Now I need another for my other daughter, Lauren. Her wedding is July 11. A little more complicated, his parents are divorced, too, but remarried with kids.” (Wedding speech).

“It’s not often that superb work that yields such impressive results can be surpassed, but the chief writer at Ghostwriters Central has done it — AGAIN! After the quick and lauded success of his screenplay adaptation of my first novel, I asked him to handle a screenplay for the second in the series. The screenplay arrived yesterday and it is pure, liquid dynamite. I’m sorely tempted to identify the now-familiar novels and their subsequent films, but for now let me just say that this man is gold. A screenplay for 10 times the price couldn’t surpass his work. Thank you again, Ghostwriters Central!”

“Your words are outstanding and I am thankful.” (Book manuscript).

“Honest opinion? Great job! I only needed to make slight edits — and that says a lot for someone like me. …I love your writing style, and as I read, I felt like you were listening and captured my emotion well. It sounds like my writing, which is so positive, it’s what I feared most.” (Book manuscript).

“That was AMAZING! I honestly can’t even begin to explain how awesome that was!” (Book manuscript).

“First, let me start by saying that your work on web content is PHENOMENAL. Just AMAZING…I have become your fan.” (Web text).

“It’s perfect, thank you!” (Wedding vows).

“Very good, I’m satisfied.” (Father of the bride speech).

“Thank you!! Looks great.” (Motivational speech).

“Couldn’t have been better. That is awesome, I thank you so much.” (Wedding speech).

“I love it!! Thank you so much!!” (Marriage vows).

“Seriously. Crying. So good. Thank you.” (Wedding vows).

“OMG, to be quite honest, I was a bit nervous in having someone write a speech for me. But it’s like you took my thoughts and injected steroids into it (me trying to be creative). I can’t thank you enough for your service. This was definitely worth it and I wish you much success in the future.” (Speech).

“Hey guys, just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for the work you did on (song title deleted). It worked out better than I imagined. Seriously, great job and it flows way better! We had our first rehearsal with the new lyrics last night. The guys loved it. Our lead vocalist is going to spend this week making sure he doesn’t have any minor things then I will call it good. Again, I will touch base in one week. I’m assuming we are good. Thanks!” (Lyrics revision).

“I have received the wedding speech. I love it. Thank you very much.”

“This looks very good! Thank you!” (Manuscript).

“It is excellent! We really like it. We will want to make some minor changes but we are very happy. It is exactly what we wanted. I will be in touch in the next week or two with some changes. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” (Wedding ceremony).

“Wow! Thank you so much! This speech is perfection! I can’t thank you enough.”

“Just wanted to give you some post-party feedback. The speech was a huge success! Everyone loved it and it made the event just that much more special. Thanks again for your talent and hard work. It was a pleasure.”

“Awesome! Thanks so much for your hard work.” (Screenplay).

“I got it, thank you so much for all your hard work. I really like it, and the title is very becoming.  🙂  We definitely will be doing more songs in the future.”

“Dude you are the fucking shit! I fucking love it. Still working my way through it. It’s beyond hypnotic. I think we finally found a brilliant symbiosis. We fucking did it! Many fucking brilliant projects/collabs on the way. I can smell it. Big hug and much love.” (Screenplay treatment).

“Perfect. THANKS so much.” (Wedding vows).

“Hi Ghostwriters Central, I read over the script. Looks great. Let’s see where this thing goes. Real happy with this.”

“I have had my first read, I COULDN’T BE MORE PLEASED! One of my fears with people editing my work (mostly magazine editors) are those who make change for the sake of change, only to fit their styling and tastes. I caught no whiff of you doing that, or, if you did, our nuances are so similarly aligned that it certainly didn’t matter. You really displayed an incredible understanding of my story and characters, and your touch to all was precise and powerful. Every single change you made was fantastic, especially those small, subtle ones that helped the story in massive ways. Love what you did to Zoey. You got all the spunk out of her that was needed. There really is way too much for me to comment on. There were moments of out-loud laughter. I really liked how you made sense of a few things in the story that didn’t make full sense from my writing. Some incredibly classic lines. BRAVO!” (Novel).

“Thank you very much! It looks perfect. What I plan to do next is, try the new verses with the music. This might take a few days. And then record the song. This might take a few weeks including arrangement and mixing and everything. I will send you an mp3 of the studio version at the end. Cool that you like the song, in my opinion, too, one of the better songs I’ve written so far and now with good lyrics, too!! Thanks again.

“I just wanted to say thank you to YOU! Thank you for helping me. My speech went so well. It was felt in an emotional way and I delivered it with a cheat sheet but spoke to my guests. Thank you for understanding what I was trying to impart and getting it to me. You made this whole experience so stress free. I didn’t tell a soul. You can use this as a review as long as you don’t use my name. Thanks a million. I might need your services for the wedding. Thanks so much.” (Mother of the bride shower toast).

“I have been meaning to write to you for a week. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am to you for the wonderful, articulate speech you created to help me deliver to my husband at his retirement dinner. The next morning my husband told me I gave the best speech of the seven speakers. You are awesome and if I ever have to give another speech, I know where to go for help. Thank you…thank you.”

“Thanks guy. Proud of you. U know and express my emotions eloquently. Thank you.” (Anniversary speech).

“This is fantastic! Thank you!” (Speech).

“It’s brilliant. Exactly what I am looking for. The script is looking much more professional now.” (Screenplay doctoring).

“I just wanted to say I think you did an excellent job on this writing assignment and I’m truly thankful because of it. There is a good possibility that I’ll need your services again in the near future thank you.” (Web content development).

“Oh my God!!! I just opened the mail to see your note! It is very exciting to think we are at this point. I’ll read it with care and get back to you ASAP! I’m very lucky to know you. You are a man of your word and got it completed as promised and that gets a lot of respect from me. Thank you so much.” (Manuscript).

“Thanks a lot! Yes, we can pick things up in the new year. The article you wrote got into (a major business magazine) on Friday! Thank you so much! I’m going to send you a follow-up email to get you up to speed with the strategy that me and my PR firm have been working on and my thoughts about it.”

“We finished reading through the script and both of us are extremely pleased.”

“Oh my gosh. I started bawling reading this. It is perfect! How am I going to get through it without crying? Any tips? I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful job you did — and in the time you promised — actually ahead of schedule. I only wish I had the gift of articulation like you do. Thank you, thank you.” (Speech).

“Looks great! Thanks again!” (Script for a crowdfunding video).

“I am so happy with this book! You have made it very readable and perfected the little loose ends. You’ve done really well clarifying things, too. Thank you so much! Sooooo…Now what do I do? I was thinking of entering this in to a competition or two. Should I do this before sending it off to publishers? Or during? Thanks again for all your time!” (Manuscript).

“It sounds fantastic, you’ve lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.” (Maid of honor speech).

“Thank you! I look forward to reading this weekend. Also, I have been so busy I haven’t gotten the other CD together for you to continue but I’ll also work on getting that finished and on its way to you by the first part of the week along with another payment. Have an awesome day! We will talk soon. By the way, I think you’re wonderful!” (Manuscript being developed in stages per client request).

“Thanks for your help with the speech. It was the hit of the event. Well done!”

“Wow, that is amazing how you put all of my thoughts together and with great humor! Thank you so much!” (Speech).

“This is SENSATIONAL! Thank you SO, SO much! You’ve captured it all brilliantly — especially the last episode. It’s exactly what I wanted! I’m sure it’s draining for you and I’m grateful you’ve put so much effort into this. It really shows!” (Screenplay).

“Nailed it! Thank you.” (Speech).

“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Crazy awesome. I’m gonna let this sink in and re-read over the weekend. I’ll be in touch. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat just reading it!” (Book manuscript).

“I entrusted Ghostwriters Central with the task of writing a screenplay based on my latest thriller novel. The process was superb, and it was undertaken with care, expertise and enthusiastic professionalism on every level. After a few in-depth discussions, the writer understood the thrust of where I wanted to go with the adaptation of the novel. He then proceeded to write a creative masterpiece that not only exceeded my expectations by a mile, but certainly rivals, and even exceeds, those scripts that power today’s finest films. There is little doubt that his energetic genius behind the screenplay is the reason that it is now solidly on its way to becoming a successful feature length production. Thank you, Ghostwriters Central.”

“Bravo It’s perfect! Well done!” (Speech in honor of military spouse).

“Absolutely outstanding! You nailed it right out of the gate! I love it and want to work with you. Would love to buy a package of six if that is okay with you! You can go ahead and bill me if that works for you.” (Business blog posts).

“I love it. Thanks so much for putting this together for us. She will be so thrilled to have us do this for her.” (Wedding rehearsal poem).

“Thanks a lot. It’s awesome.” (MLK Day speech).

“Thanks, girl, such a great work.” (Introduction for a book).

“The eulogy got a round of applause. Pastor said she had never, ever, seen that happen before. Thank you.”

“Hi, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your efforts on my behalf. At this point I see nothing I would want to change.” (Book proposal).

“Thanks for sending the revision and new scene. I had time to go over it and really loved what you did. I’m still digging through it but everything I see I like! thanks again for the great work.” (Screenplay).

“I am very impressed with what your team did in the time frame you were given. Meeting or exceeding expectations is a lost craft but you guys nailed it.” (300-page book written in just two weeks).

“Awesome! Just read my wedding vows. They are perfect. Thank you so much!”

“Stephanie, my wife, read your outline and she thinks you are ‘amazing’ and that your grasp of the book is ‘extraordinary’ (her words). I agree.”

“To everyone there, thank you, thank you! I love it! It has been so incredible, to say the least, to see my dream on paper! I appreciate all of the time and work you have put into this! Thank you for your talent. I could not have done this without you!” (Novel manuscript).

“I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for doing such a great job. I just finished reading it, and some of your extra touches are fantastic. I wish you both great success in your lives. I will be in touch because I am starting a new screenplay soon. I am more confident to write because of having you both on my team. Much appreciation.

“WOW! You did a fantastic job! I’m not even halfway through and I said to myself, she underestimates her talent. Just so you know, I would have paid you more!!” (Book manuscript).

“Great job, love it, could not have done a better job myself. Ha! Definitely worth the money. Thanks so much.” (Speech).

“You are magnificent in every way. I commend you for your brilliance and look forward to working with you on the redevelopment of this book as there are many editions to follow. Thank God I found you. You saved my back side!”

“Thank you so much! What you sent me is fantastic. You’ve saved me yet again. Expect the remaining $110 in the morning. Also, if you have the time, could you please remove the animated panorama of JFK, and come up with another transition? I’ve decided that the panorama isn’t feasible given our budget. Otherwise, the script is perfect. Thank you again. I’ll make payment before 11am, hopefully. Goodnight. Speak to you tomorrow. ” (TV commercial).

“Wow, you guys are fantastic! This is way beyond what I expected. Smashing job, guys.” (Memoir).

“Can you post this thank you on your website? I have achieved amazing success with your professional help. I am a total amateur, now a winning one. Ghostwriters Central has done it for me: Ten film festival screenwriting awards and finalist positions, three writing competition wins, beautiful reviews and publicity for my screenplay in three countries. Quick, reasonable and winning, to say the least. This is my first screenplay and your senior staffer wrote it for me so well I’m still getting CONGRATULATIONS emails. Your gift keeps on giving! I’ve only been submitting my script for four months, a total newbie. It’s unbelievable, incredible! Thank you for making 2013 my year for unexpected major success. I love you guys!”

“Wow, you rock!!! I love that speech/rap and find the whole concept hysterical! Now I have to be strong and work up the nerve to deliver it well. Since you did such a fabulous job, I’ll be calling on your assistance for another wedding I have in the near future. Thanks for all your hard work! You saved me loads of time.”

“Love it! Love it! Love it! Thanks — and an extra thank you for getting this off to me four days ahead of schedule! 🙂 I may be in touch with a few minor revisions. Thanks again. You’re awesome!” (Wedding speech).

“I have spent the greater part of a month, DROWNING, in Internet research on potential ghostwriters for my romance novel. As you well know, it is a vast and overwhelming market and writers can easily lose large amounts of money by making the wrong decision. But I am somewhat more knowledgeable now about the ghostwriting industry, at least, enough to be frightened, LOL. However, if you are willing to hold my hand and walk me through this process, I have made the decision to explore a working relationship with you and your company. I have received estimates ranging from $1,600 to $65,000 (by sending out the same email that I sent to you initially.) Crazy, huh? However, my comfort level continues to be with you, for a number of reasons. I have read every page in your website and found it to be clear, user friendly and personal. I can only assume this is indicative of you and your working relationship with your clients.”

“I love it! Thank you!” (Graduation speech).

“Hey, it’s awesome! Thanks for the great work. Hopefully you can do more stuff for us.” (Press release).

“You did a fantastic job. Repeat, fantastic! I love it. I look forward to working with you again. A million thanks for ALL your creative talents!” (Commencement speech).

“Wooow is all I can say. You are amazing and now I feel even more prepared. You brought life into my writing. Big thanks.” (Book proposal).

“After a short-notice summer deployment I finally delivered my speech last night. It turned out exactly how I envisioned and it was received extremely well. I will probably work with you again early next year on another topic. Thanks for the outstanding support.”

“Thanks! It was great working with you on my presentation. Jeez, I should have known about you when I was in grad school two years ago! That would have saved me a lot of grief and sleepless nights.”

“The script is wonderful. I was impressed with your take on the ending, and the way you indicated a major passage of time on page five. Thank you so much for all your hard work and support. If I ever need a ghostwriter again, I’ll be sure to get in touch with you.”

“Thanks for the speech, it was great! Will recommend you guys to my friends.”

“AWESOME! Great job! It reads exactly how I imagined it in my head. A big thanks on this one.” (Web series).

“The speech went great. I was nervous the first couple sentences then it went great, just like you said. The shotgun incident was one of the best parts. I received a lot of compliments, the photographer said it was one of the best speeches that he has ever heard and he’s been to hundreds of weddings. One of my greatest fears was speaking in front of a group. I feel a lot more confident now. Thank you very much for your help.”

“Thank you so much! I really appreciate you doing this for me and with such quick turn around time. I have a few weeks to practice.” (Wedding poem).

“Good evening, people. Thank you! Thank you. I did not check this particular email account until today, I did not realize you sent it early. Much appreciated. Outstanding. Bravo. Top-notch. You are so very talented. I am delighted to work with you. You are certainly “legendary” with your creative abilities. I absolutely love the piece. I would like to send you a bonus — for your quality work, an additional $100. Many thanks.” (Academic dinner speech).

“Thanks, pal. Looks great. I’ll be in touch with my next short film project soon. God bless you.” (Short film screenplay).

“Thanks very much for this. I delivered the speech over the weekend and it went perfectly. The bride and groom received it very well.”

“I love it! It’s just what I was looking for. You are great, thank you so much!” (Poem).

“Hi there. I hope you’re well. I wanted to let you know that my novel, (title deleted) has been accepted for publication by a small publisher called (name deleted). I am waiting for the contract to come through and I am hoping that this will be the one for me! Thanks for all your help with this novel. I really mean it.”

“This is exactly what I was looking for.  🙂  Great work — I’ll be back very soon for more lyrics!  :)”

“IF (and that’s a mighty big IF) I wasn’t confident before — I AM NOW! Gosh, I felt your excitement and I know I’m in good hands…I talked to a few people BUT I relate to you! Talking was good. Thanks, K, take care of my baby (manuscript). Think BEST SELLER!”

“This was exactly what I was looking for, I modified it a little and made it my own. It produced tears!” (Wedding vows).

“I have to tell you, your encouragement after my first draft of my first mini-chapter was a big motivation in continuing to push through and complete the book. It was of course a ride to hell and back to get it to a point where I was actually happy with it, but here we are. Thanks again!”

“I love it…this is miraculous and you have my undying admiration. I have another book planned and you will be the one I call to have it written.”

“Jeff was pleased with the speech! We will be calling on you again whenever we need the right words. You are the BEST. Thanks, K!”

“By the way, the query letter is a masterpiece! Well done!”

“My boss was pleased with the speech! We will be calling on you again whenever we need the right words. You are the BEST. Thanks!”

“I love it. You’ve done an outstanding job. Cutting that chapter down was crucial; I just couldn’t stop writing and that’s why it was soooo long. It really needed a fresh look and you provided it. My thanks for what you’ve done. I will remember you when my next book gets to the same point, which I’m sure it will.

“It is beautiful! How can I thank you? Tears are in my eyes!” (Memoir).

“Hey, it’s taken a couple of years as marketing a product on TV is both risky and costly, but I finally got my project to work. I had to produce five different shows that ultimately had to switch around to focus on a male-performance-boosting supplement while my book, ‘Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance,’ is sold on the back end. It’s going crazy! I give you permission to promote the fact that you served as my editors.”

“The speech was a REAL HIT! Everyone said that I did a great job and that the words were really meaningful and got the message across really well…thanks, thanks, thanks! Thanks for your services and speed and great price!”

“Thank you for a superb job, K. My first read through had me in awe. I am amazed and astounded. I will definitely take a look at this again and again. Yes, I will definitely use your service again. I hope I wasn’t too difficult to work with. You can quote me on the above.” (Screenplay).

“Now that the dust has settled, I must say thanks again. Obviously, I would have no idea of what’s the norm for ‘feedback’ however I have been overwhelmed with the amount of comments on my speech Friday night. During the speech, I saw many patting their eyes because of tears (not my intention), and immediately following so many came to me to remark on how they liked my speech. And as of today, I am still receiving great feedback. Who would think that my dress would get second place over the speech?”

“Great job, love it, could not have done a better job myself, ha! Definitely worth the money. Thanks so much.” (Father of the bride speech).

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