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Sit back and let me tell you a story about an executive in New York and how to find a solution to dishonesty.

By- Michael McKown
President, Ghostwriters Central, Inc.

Daniel, a 61-year-old entrepreneur, sat at his desk in the C-suite on the 48th floor of a New York office tower. He was surrounded by stacks of papers and memories of a lifetime. He had decided it was finally time to share his story with the world. With friends in the publishing business, Daniel had managed to secure the interest of an editor who expressed enthusiasm about potentially publishing his memoir.

Excited but aware of his own limitations as a writer, Daniel turned to the internet in search of a ghostwriter. Among the search results, Joseph’s website stood out, promising expertise and professionalism. After a brief exchange of emails, Joseph guaranteed to craft a 270-page manuscript for the price of $20,000—a sum Daniel willingly paid in advance, eager to see his life’s journey come to life in print.

Dishonest ghostwriter. With a mix of anticipation and apprehension, Daniel sent his meticulously-kept journal and other materials to Joseph, all the intricate details of his personal and business endeavors spanning decades. He trusted Joseph to weave these fragments into a coherent narrative, one that would captivate readers and honor the legacy he hoped to leave behind.

Four months later, a package arrived at Daniel’s doorstep, containing the manuscript he had eagerly awaited, along with his source material. He tore open the package and began to read, his excitement quickly turned to dismay as he realized the magnitude of the disappointment before him.

“This can’t be right,” Daniel muttered to himself, flipping through the pages in disbelief. The words lacked depth, the story felt disjointed, and the essence of his experiences seemed to have been smothered in an avalanche of words. Where was the clarity? The events that should have stood out, didn’t. It was a far cry from the masterpiece he had envisioned.

Nevertheless, not being a writer, he was unsure what his editor would think. Daniel scribbled a sticky note: “What do you think? Can you publish this?”, slapped it on the cover page, put the manuscript in a big envelope, sealed it up, and sent it by courier to his editor in midtown.

Three days later the envelope was couriered back to him. From the weight, it was clear that the manuscript had been returned. Upon opening, he found a note that said publishing it in this form is out of the question.

Frustration gnawed at Daniel as he reached out to Joseph, hoping to salvage what remained of his dream. “Joseph, we have a problem,” he began, his voice tinged with concern.

Joseph’s response was dismissive, his tone dripping with indifference. “I’m sorry to hear that, Daniel, but the manuscript is final. If you want further revisions, it’ll cost you extra.”

“But this isn’t what we agreed upon,” Daniel protested. “I paid you in good faith, expecting a professional product. This is unacceptable.”

Joseph’s reply was swift and cold. “I fulfilled my end of the deal, Daniel. If the publisher rejected it, that’s not my problem. I won’t be making any refunds.”

Daniel’s heart sank as he realized the extent of Joseph’s betrayal. He had entrusted his life story to a charlatan, only to be met with deceit and indifference. Anger bubbled within him, but beneath it all lay a profound sense of disappointment — not just in Joseph, but in himself for allowing this debacle to unfold.

It really wasn’t about the twenty grand. Daniel’s salary was over $300,000 a year, so the payment to Joseph was 15% of his annual take. It was about a betrayal of trust. It was about the loss of time in the endeavor. It was about disappointment. The money was just an added irritation. He had spent his life making good decisions and he thought he’d found a ghostwriter who shared his vision. He felt like he’d been scammed.

With a heavy heart, Daniel knew he had no choice but to pick up the pieces and start anew. Though the road ahead was uncertain, he refused to let one man’s betrayal define his legacy. For Daniel was not just an entrepreneur — he was a survivor, and his story deserved to be told with honesty, integrity, and above all, authenticity.

Where, he wondered, could be find skilled, honest and straightforward ghostwriting services?

(The names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent. And the guilty. Who needs lawsuits?)

Let’s begin with a few facts. Bad guys (and bad girls) are everywhere. Retain your skepticism until you have reason to trust. The odds are that those who have been scamming people for a long time do it under various names so they can keep the scams going. If their business website hasn’t existed for many years, be skeptical. Google the business name and the writer’s name. If you find a lot of complaints, move on.

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