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By- Brian Ackley

Speeches are an interesting mode of communication. They’re not a dialogue. There’s no exchange of ideas or temperaments on a subject. It’s a rather pointed way of sharing a specific message without the luxury or obstruction of social interplay. For these reasons, speeches may, in fact, be the ultimate mode of communication: A prepared monologue that frames your feelings and thoughts on a topic in a coherent way. You control the structure, the tone, the pace, the emphasis, everything. You become the platform for your message.

If you understand that communication is the foundation of our civilization, then you’ll also see that it’s the framework with which we build companies, clubs, communities, comrades, and all else. Speeches are as much a part of our cultural fabric as the flags and badges and the handshakes and hugs that signify our unity. Whether the field is military or political, public sector or private, religious or academic; the goal is the same: to share a message that speaks in a personal way to each of its listeners.

What is the message?

So what is that message? There may be two camps when it comes to working out what you want to say. The first camp might include individuals who know what they want to say, but are not sure how to say it. The second camp might have folks who don’t really know what they want to say.

Audience applauding a well-written and delivered speech.

Neither position is detrimental. One simply requires either more guidance or reflection than the other. But to begin, you’ll surely want to honesty identify which camp you’re in.

There are different ways to go about discovering what you may want your message to be. You can start within: What do you believe in? What values are most important to you? What personal experiences have best shaped you, either positively or negatively? How? What about those experiences transformed you? From these questions, you may begin to get a sense of what views you’d like to share with others.

You can also attempt this process externally, especially if you are speaking as a representative for a group. What values does this group share? What unites them? What character traits best define the group? What goals do they have, and by what means do they proceed in achieving them?

Many times, you’ll find the same themes populate: Faith, loyalty, discipline, open-mindedness, hard work, etc. If there’s a trick to speechwriting, it’s an open secret: our values are universal as human beings, and if we can tap into them, we can shape a message that everyone can relate to.

When you find the value (or values) that best reflects the group you’re speaking to or on behalf of, this will become an anchor in your speech. Everything you say will be connected to this singular idea. This is your theme. Such as: Hard work pays off. Open-mindedness opens opportunities. Discipline drives results. Loyalty finds reward. Faith overcomes fear. Whatever your message, your theme is the essence of your speech; the whole purpose for your speaking.

How will you deliver it?

Once you have your purpose; your theme; your message — you’re ready to consider the means by which you’ll deliver it. This is the “how.” This includes the substance of the speech, but if it sounds intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Think of this form of communicating like any personal exchange you may have. The goal is the same whether you speak to a friend or an audience: You want to connect with them. And human beings connect with other human beings in one of two ways, or a combination of both: Through logic and emotion.

How you deliver your message will depend on whether you want to appeal to someone’s head or heart, which may have a lot to do with your own personality. If you imagine yourself in the audience, how would you prefer to receive your message? Are you a cognitive, evidence-based individual, or do you allow empathy to guide you? Information, statistics, examples, and real-world analogies may land onto the more logic-minded person, while literary references, historical quotes, legends, parables, prose, anecdotes and animated language may bend toward the more intuitive.

A good speech may be easier to write than you think. Because you are the messenger. Your views are those that will be on display. Your speech is really for YOU.

My job, as a speechwriter, would be fairly easy so long as you would remain open with your views and your expression. The one key to communication that I’ve yet to address is that which connects this cycle of mutual respect and understanding; and that is listening. The way that I would tap into your thoughts and feelings on any particular subject is by listening to you. Asking questions and receiving your answers.

Determining your motivation

From this, we can determine precisely what motivates you; what values you admire; and we can discover how you would respond to your own message. We can determine the type of content that would be most suitable for your speech. Personal experience stories, economic analysis, philosophical posits, dreams, goals, professional reflection, cognitive challenges, jokes, etc. There’s certainly no one way to deliver a message; the fun is in exploring the many ways your personality can be expressed.

That’s if you want your personality expressed, of course. We could also inhabit and project personas that may better illustrate or represent a given viewpoint. If you are stoic and tempered, but wish to reflect sentiment in your message, we can do exactly that. Whatever your position or disposition, we have language as a tool to transcribe your desires.

My personal contribution to speechwriting is to provide careful consideration in customizing the speech for the speaker or represented group. I take language very seriously when I play with it, and I’m careful to express my ideas genuinely and thoroughly. I tend to dress my language in poetry or prose to lure and relax the listener, often inflecting meaning by way of subtle but significant choices. Structure is by far a cornerstone in all my writings, and no differently here. A good speech should be laid out like a road or a pathway, where by the end of it, your audience has arrived at your doorstep.

In general, one double-spaced page equals one minute of speaking time, with the speaker’s delivery speed being the biggest variable. Our fee for speechwriting can be found on the ghostwriting rates page.


“Now that the dust has settled, I must say thanks again. Obviously, I would have no idea of what’s the norm for ‘feedback’ however I have been overwhelmed with the amount of comments on my speech Friday night. During the speech, I saw many patting their eyes because of tears (not my intention), and immediately following so many came to me to remark on how they liked my speech. And as of today, I am still receiving great feedback. Who would think that my dress would get second place over the speech?” –Linda T.

“The speech was a REAL HIT! Everyone said that I did a great job and that the words were really meaningful and got the message across really well…thanks thanks thanks! Thanks for your services and speed and great price!” –Myron K.


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