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By- H.C. Jamaica

Business copywriter? You’ve heard the phrase before, but probably have no idea, or you’re not 100% sure what a copywriter does. Whenever you watch TV or YouTube, or read a newspaper or even this very article, or listen to the radio, chances are, you’re going to see ads. “Copy” is the persuasive language that’s used to convince you to buy a given product, service, or pursue a desired course of action.

Including this article (we’re attempting to logically persuade you to hire a copywriter. –Editor.)

So that billboard with the annoying message you’ve read too many times over the past three months while stuck in traffic, that’s copy. And people who specialize in writing copy are called copywriters. Now before you go off thinking: Oh, I can do that; I don’t need to hire a copywriter! Please bear in mind that whatever you write will be judged and dismissed just as harshly as you’ve done with that traffic billboard.

In business, great copy can literally be the difference between success and failure. Copywriting is about telling an engaging story with just one sentence or sometimes a single word. And if paragraphs and pages are necessary, your copy must overcome the short attention spans of modern, smartphone-addicted consumers. Effective copy makes an impact on viewers, listeners, or readers that will cause them to act. It might seem easy, but copywriting is a skill that takes years to acquire.

When should you hire a copywriter?

Now you’re probably thinking: How or where do I find a copywriter? Google will lead you to a barrage of websites and profiles of people claiming to be copywriters. How do you choose? To make the process much easier for you, here are the main issues to consider, as well as some straightforward advice that should help you to find the right copywriter for your business:

Business is tough. The weight of every expense, every dollar, every penny, falls on one pair of shoulders: yours. Hiring a copywriter is one decision that should be considered cautiously. Do you have all the necessary infrastructure and processes in place to handle increased sales volume? Translation: Make sure you’re ready to accommodate a crowd before you start inviting people to a party!

What makes an exceptional copywriter?

The first and most obvious thing is the ability to write. But this goes beyond good grammar and punctuation; you need someone who can make potential customers act. Ask any prospective copywriter for writing samples. If a copywriter can’t inspire you, it’s unrealistic to think there will be any difference with your potential customers.

When you find someone whose writing moves you, then you should organize a paid test assignment. Before entering any sort of agreement with a copywriter for a full campaign or major assignment, ask him or her to write something simple, like an email to a customer or a flyer promoting a sale.  Use this assignment to assess a few critical factors, which will help you determine if a copywriter is a good fit:

  • A good copywriter listens keenly to the client’s wants and objectives. Ask yourself: Are my concerns being addressed or am I being ignored? Remember, it’s your business; copywriters are supposed to help refine your business’s voice, NOT impose their opinions. Your copywriter should be responsive and readily make adjustments in accordance with the instructions and feedback you provide.
  • A good copywriter will effectively capture your brand’s story or vision. When you read whatever is submitted to you, it should immediately bring a smile to your face. “Yes!” That should be your next response. Even if you’re not one to show emotion, your copywriter should be able to make you feel excited about your business. Again, if you’re not impacted by what’s been written, then why would potential customers react any differently?
  • Positive feedback from trusted friends and confidants is also very important. You might think your copywriter’s response to your test assignment was excellent, but it’s also important to get the views of other people. After all, the copywriter is writing on your behalf, based on your instructions, so it’s always good to get feedback so you can make an objective decision.


If your copywriter listens, impresses you, and the feedback you receive from trusted friends is positive, then you can hire him or her for a more important assignment. This could mean revising the text on your website, writing an article about your business, or creating a new ad campaign for social media.

Examples of great copywriting

Remember the last time you were deeply impacted by an ad? When the words and/or images were stuck in your head for days or weeks after seeing, reading or hearing the commercial? That’s the epitome of effective copywriting: leaving a lasting impression. And it’s often just the slogan, a handful of words, that makes all the difference. A great slogan not only defines a business or campaign, it leaves an indelible mark on the subconscious of potential customers, which ultimately leads them to act.

Who can forget the iconic slogans such as: “Where’s the beef?” (Wendy’s.) “Yo quiero Taco Bell” (Taco Bell.) “Wanna get away?” (Southwest Airlines.) “Got milk?” (California Milk Processor Board, and imitated by everyone else.) “Think different” (Apple.) And “Just do it” (Nike, which precipitated enormous shoe sales, marriages, divorces, job changes and new business endeavors.) If you’re too young (or too old) to remember these examples of great copywriting, then do a search on YouTube.

Why SEO matters

If you operate a website or own a business that relies heavily on ecommerce transactions, then you should be quite familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The strategic use of keywords has become a critical part of writing copy in the digital age. Be sure to do your own research to identify specific SEO strategies for your business, and work with a copywriter to have them implemented.

Caution is advised here. If you’re going to hire someone to implement an SEO strategy, reputation is important. The wrong person doing the wrong thing on your behalf can easily get your website penalized by search engines. If you generate business from the web, you don’t need that headache. Copywriters usually offer search-engine friendly copywriting services but are generally not in the business of search engine optimization itself.

Where can you find an exceptional copywriter?

So you’re ready to hire a copywriter, but you feel overwhelmed by the number of options your search has returned. Relax. There is a service that has done all the due diligence and screening for you. Ghostwriters Central, Inc., has great copywriters who are waiting to tell your story. They will save you time and money by assigning an experienced, capable and appropriate copywriter to your project. Getting the right person on the first try is always better.

Are you ready? Well, you should be: You’ve gotten practical hiring advice, you’ve been shown specific traits of great copywriting, and you’ve been referred to a top-notch copywriting talent resource. What else do you need? Nothing, just take action! If your business is ready for promotion, waiting to hire a copywriter, or worse, trying to do it yourself, can cost you enormously!

While you’re sitting there procrastinating, or laboring with writing software that claims to “make writing easy,” your competition has already hired a serious pro who’s creating copy with one purpose: your destruction. Let that sink in. Business IS NOT a game; it’s war! You either arm yourself with adequate weaponry or die. To have any chance of success on this battlefield, you need effective copywriting in your arsenal.

You know what to do. Get to it!

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