speechwriting services & samples by a pro speechwriter

Speechwriting services & samples
by a professional speechwriter.


Here are some speechwriting samples. What sort of speech do you need to deliver? Our speechwriters have written everything from wedding toasts to graduation speeches to retirement speeches to United Nations addresses. Call Ghostwriters Central toll-free at 888-743-9939 10am to 6pm Pacific Time. Or send us a text at 818-636-4173, we will reply right away. You’ll get the high-tone custom speechwriting service you need.


Stuck for words and shaking at the mircrophone? We can write your speech. Relax!A client named Linda needed a speech written for a Friday night event. She wore a dress that she believed would get raves from the hundreds of people in the audience. She stood at the microphone and began speaking the words we wrote for the occasion. She noticed many were wiping tears from their eyes. Afterward, many came forward to congratulate her on the speech; very few commented on her outfit. “Who would think that my dress would get second place over the speech?” she said in a feedback note.

We’re the speechwriters that get the call when powerful motivational speeches need to be written. We write inspirational graduation speeches. And sentimental or funny retirement speeches, complete with loony song lyrics. We’ve written political campaign speeches and addresses to be delivered at the United Nations. We’ve written every kind of wedding speech imaginable. But most of them began with a sample. After all, you want to be sure that we know what we’re doing.

You get a free custom sample

How do you get a free custom speechwriting sample? Just drop us a line or give us a call right now. We will be pleased to learn a thing or two about your needs and furnish a brief, FREE custom sample for you. By customizing our samples, we ensure clients in advance that they know exactly what they’ll be receiving.

You’ll get a good custom sample by being specific about the desired tone, style, flavor, and impact.

The best way to get a lousy custom sample is by giving the speechwriter complete freedom to send whatever he or she pleases, thus maximizing the odds of a regrettable mismatch.

Our speechwriting services are $50 per double-spaced page (and, in general, one double-spaced page equals one minute of speaking time, with the speaker’s delivery speed being the biggest variable).

Below, you will find a few samples of our custom speechwriting work for your consideration:


Terry, above all else, I would like to say thank you. We all know that surrounding your engagement to Heather in August, 1956, Heather’s father told you she was a very sensitive young woman. Legend has it that Heather’s father told you this over the course of a detailed discussion regarding the terms of your marriage. Thank you, Henry, as my father-in-law, for never discussing any such terms with me, for I would have been mortified….


We are moving into an entirely new world. Some of us burst with open-armed excitement, others hug themselves with fear. Most of us flip back and forth between the two. I am reminded of the butterfly’s progression: we are leaving our cocoons to fly out into the great big world. And what better way to take flight than on a note of inspiration and optimism…?


Which brings me to another joke, a joke that I resent and I encourage all of you to resent as well. It’s funny, sure, but only to a point. “Golf is what you play when you’re too old to play softball.” Okay, on second thought, that’s not really funny. Why is softball the only other option? What about hockey or horseback riding? Never mind, I get the point: they’re saying golf’s an old person’s game, right? Well, I motion to prove them wrong! Whoever came up with that one-liner is off the mark, because I’m an old man and not even I can play golf anymore! If golf is what you play when you’re too old to play softball, what do you play when you’re too old to play golf? Do not answer that….

Our speechwriting service fashions CUSTOM-WRITTEN SPEECHES that are stunning and unforgettable! Click for our speechwriting rates.

Info we require for speeches:

    Your full name.
    Location of your speech.
    Date of your speech.
    Length of your speech.
    Number of people in the audience.
    General goal of the speech.
    Desired tone of the speech.
    List any audience members to mention or thank.
    Qualifications, truths, memories, etc., to be incorporated in the speech.

Contact us to talk about your specific needs. Your first consultation with one of our outstanding speechwriters is free.

Client response upon project completion:

“My boss was pleased with the speech! We will be calling on you again whenever we need the right words. You are the BEST. Thanks, guys!” –K.B


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