AI-generated text editing and rewriting services

AI-generated text editing & rewriting services.


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By- Michael McKown

Why pay a writer when ChatGPT or Bard can write your book or screenplay or paper for free?

Chatbots are pretty good at assembling information and constructing stories. They are also notorious for including erroneous info. And they are notorious for reading like a chatbot wrote it. You know, overly formal. Sterile, perhaps. Devoid of personality. When was the last time you met a robot with a personality?

A lawyer recently got into trouble with a judge. That lawyer used ChatGPT to write a legal brief. The chatbot invented cases it cited in the brief. When other parties in the case tried to research the fictional citations, the blowback was severe. The lawyer begged to be forgiven for depending so much on AI. Fortune magazine reported on it, as did many other news outlets.

Things can get dicey when you use AI to write webtext. A recent news report said Google is working on ways to detect AI-written text. Will a website’s Google search ranking be affected by AI-generated text? It’s too early to know for sure but consider this:

Bard is a Google product. It would be a simple matter to detect website text if Bard created it. If Bard created it, that text is stored in Google’s memory somewhere. And if it finds that identical text on your website?

ChatGPT resulted from a partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft. Microsoft has a search engine called Bing. Same potential problem.

We can edit AI-generated text. We can also rewrite it. AI “large language model” bots may yet take over the world but at the moment, they’re not ready. Human writers and editors, on the other hand, are always ready.

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