Guest Post Writing Services

Tips to improve your website’s search engine ranking through well-written guest posts.

By- Michael McKown

Guest posting is a highly-effective way of getting your business ranked high on search engines. If you’re not guest posting, you ought to give it serious consideration.

We are a professional writing services company. We can write those guest posts for you, done in such a way that they are SEO-friendly. This is important for a few reasons:


    1. Google can analyze guest posts to determine their quality. Google can analyze the text and decide whether you’re providing unique and useful information, or just repeating things found elsewhere on the Internet on your topic. Google can also analyze text to determine the quality level of the writing. My guess is Bing can do the same. Nobody, and that includes search engines, wants to read boring text.
    2. Those who offer guest posting services generally offer to write the articles for you, which is nice, except for the fact that most of those writers are not native American English speakers. That means the text will Guest post writing services. likely be below average and read awkwardly, and since these writers are unlikely to be familiar with your business, the info they impart will be sourced from the Internet itself, which means it will not be particularly useful and definitely not unique.
    3. The next issue is economics. These services claim their ace writers will prepare the articles for you. I’ve read a lot of these articles and they do not seem written by humans. They are notoriously bland. I deal with writers every day. I know what’s good and what’s bad. To maximize profit, my guess is these services rely heavily on AI for text preparation. You make more money when you don’t need to hire a human. If you run a business, that’s not news to you. You toss a few prompts at ChatGPT (or whatever) and presto! You’ve got a brilliant and free chunk of text. Wink-wink.
    4. This paragraph is about the importance (think: link juice) a search engine will assign to the article and thus to the link that points to your website. If Google determines that the source article is weak, that may be reflected in the value it attaches to the link that points to your website. On the other hand, if Google recognizes your article as important, valuable and unique, more “link juice” could be assigned to the link. That could create a bigger boost to your search engine results ranking. Which also means you could end up making fewer guest posts to get the results you need!
    5. A prospective danger with using AI-written text is that AI systems developed by Microsoft (ChatGPT) and Google (Bard) will very likely be able to identify it through structural and phraseology cues, or by matching the article to prompts received by the AI system itself. For this reason alone, I recommend avoiding AI-written articles. You could be slicing your own throat.


We are expert writers and we know this stuff. We write speeches, wedding vows, books, screenplays and we have a lot of clients who come to us to fix bad writing they got from other people. The writers I have under contract are superb. They are the ones who survived my screening process and were offered contracts. These are people with exceptional wordsmith skills, they work collaboratively with clients, and deliver excellence on budget and on deadline.

Bring us your idea for a guest post or a dozen guest posts, and we’ll handle it. We will need to know the target length, how many links are permitted, the anchor text of those links, and the deadline. In terms of content, we can interview you or your representative to get all the info we need to uniquely develop the article…or the dozen articles. If you don’t know what anchor text is, we will be happy to explain that at no charge. It is important in website ranking. Or use this example of anchor text. It’s the words that appear as part of the link, usually in blue and underlined, such as: This is anchor text.

Now, send us a message on the Contact page or pick up the phone and tell us what you need. Let us handle the article. Let the guest-post jockeys handle the placement. The results will pay off.