Ghostwriters Central Recommends THE BIG SHORT.

It was about two weeks ago when Ghostwriters Central founding partner Michael McKown texted his fellow founding partner and told him to run, not walk, and go see the new motion picture THE BIG SHORT.

He complied at his first available opportunity, and both partners hereby pass the recommendation on to you…

THE BIG SHORT is a hilarious and generally alarming comedy about the Real Estate crash that toppled the global economy in 2008 (and continues to ripple on in countless ways). Its signature achievement is taking a complex subject and making it not only simple, but funny, emotional, absorbing, and mind-blowing. By interweaving three distinct story lines about men who, for varying reasons and from varying perspectives, knew the crash was coming despite conventional wisdom screaming otherwise, THE BIG SHORT also manages to be something of an underdog movie, about the value of viewing things from a strange and thus potentially evolutionary point-of-view.

Which is something that Michael and I have long approved of. After all, when we began this company, do you think there were that many other ghostwriting firms? Maybe a handful. Now there are dozens, if not hundreds.

So two thumbs up for THE BIG SHORT. As Michael said, “It’s a scream.”


About Michael McKown

Avatar photoJournalist, specialty magazine editor/publisher for 22 years, entrepreneur, co-founder of America's largest working dog organization, producer/director, and co-founder of Ghostwriters Central in 2002.