Novelists are moving into TV writers’ rooms.




The Los Angeles Times published a story on February 11, 2021, focusing on the tale of novelist Sheri Holman. She’s the successful author of A Stolen Tongue, The Dress Lodger and The Mammoth Cheese.

She took a break from writing for five years, but when she got back in touch with her editor she was told publisher’s profits were down and so were advances to writers. Acting on advice of a friend, she began analyzing the beats of an HBO series, and wrote a pilot based on her novel.

NBCUniversal bought Holman’s pilot and suddenly she was on her way as a TV writer. The LA Times noted that an increasing number of novelists are doing the same thing, often being actively recruited into writers’ rooms. The advent of streaming has radically increased the demand for writers.

How cool is that?

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