Eight new writers have joined our staff. Would you like to know how I found them?

Eight new writers have been added to the staff.

And they are exceptional in every way.

We’ve got everything covered, from books to movies to wedding vows to advertising to CEO speeches to instruction manuals and even crisis communications. That last item is what an excellent public relations person does to help a business survive some corporate screw up or disaster. It’s all about the mitigation of bad news and minimizing the damage to their reputation. If you’ve been following the news over the last couple months, Amtrak could have benefited from our services. But they didn’t call. Not surprising.

I literally went through several weeks of intense effort in order to find these eight writers. Each has been assigned a realm for which they are perhaps best suited, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified to write lots of other things. Under the About menu you’ll find the Ghostwriting Staff page. Each writer prepared his or her own bio summary of around 250 words. These folks have rather incredible qualifications.

I had a vast amount of email in response to an open call for writers. Most of them sent samples of their work; the others sent samples when I requested them. I read and graded (yes, graded, like in school) their works then averaged out the grades for each writer. Every one of these people scored “A”s in their main areas of expertise. The grading was necessary because of the volume of applicants; that way, I didn’t worry about forgetting how good someone was, or forgetting how bad someone was, and perhaps hiring them by mistake. The best works were thrilling to read. The works of some of those who didn’t make the cut just gave me headaches.

And one fellow I invited to join the staff told me he was advised by his lawyer to say no. At least, that’s what he claimed. Honestly, though, I didn’t think he was seriously interested. But if he were telling the truth, I’d advise him to watch and enjoy the final scene of Erin Brockovich in which Julia Roberts’ character had a few thoughts about lawyers.

If you’re considering hiring a ghostwriter, you can have great confidence is us. Go check ’em out. You’ll be impressed; I sure was!


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