Happy New Year from Ghostwriters Central!

We’re winding up an excellent 2015 here at Ghostwriters Central. It’s been a busy year, complete with many projects, deadlines, colorful stories, and heartfelt emotions. As the year comes to a close, here are some observations about what’s been going on in the realm of professional ghostwriting…

1) Self-publishing is more respected than ever. When we started this business over a decade ago, it was still pretty taboo, and often even made fun of. Nowadays, its legitimacy is taken as a given. What matters is whether or not the book is good — period — as opposed to what entity puts it out. It’s been exciting and fascinating to work with so many authors who are running with this entrepreneurial, 21st-century way of getting their work out. Although Ghostwriters Central doesn’t work in the publishing end of the business, we have witnessed a major shift from times when publishing was most uncertain, to the current age, when it’s guaranteed.

2) On a similar note, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) filmmaking just keeps on getting more and more common. Increasingly, we are ghostwriting, rewriting, and editing screenplays that are headed for production, across all different budget levels. When we got into this game, screenplays-in-progress were furnished to be presented to producers and production companies. Nowadays, the middlemen are decreasing. Screenplays are increasingly being funneled right into production.

3) Meanwhile, as time goes by and ghostwriting becomes more popular and better understood, the matter of attribution becomes less shrouded in secrecy and controversy. More and more, our clients are open to either sharing credit or bypassing our standard nondisclosure agreements. We have no official preference on this matter, and still almost always remain anonymous. Just the same, it’s nice to see our profession moving out of the shadows.

4) Experts abound. The business model of professional experts spreading brand awareness by way of nonfiction books and/or blog posts is exploding. We continue to find that powerful books and blogs are enormous credibility boosters for experts across all different fields.


As technology booms, changing every second, the written word is not only more relevant than ever, but more present in our lives than ever. Be it online or on reading tablets, people are not only reading — they’re glued to their screens. Which is why our mission of communicating with as much clarity and emotion as possible remains so urgent and important.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Here’s to a terrific 2016!


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