For those of you with writer’s block, check out this obituary!

I’m envious of this fellow’s literary output. Chet Cunningham died March 14th, 2017, at age 88. He wrote — and this is not a typo — 450 published books. According to the LA Times, they included Westerns, thrillers, military history and medical guides.

Where in the world did he find the time?

“I fell asleep to the sound of his manual typewriter for years and years,” said his daughter, Christine Ashworth. She grew up to be a writer, too, of romance novels, the Times wrote.

“Ever heard of a carpenter not going to work because he has ‘carpenter’s block’? If a writer can’t write, it’s because he doesn’t really want to, he isn’t ready to get it on paper or he’s just plain lazy.”

Now there’s a quote that deserves to be put on our “Writers comment on other writers & on the writing profession” page (find that under the Articles menu).

You can read the entire obituary on the LA Times website here. This Bud’s for you, Chet. Well done!


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