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Self-publishing authors are rocking Hollywood!

How do you get known? Consider the example of e-book author Mark Dawson. His first novel sold poorly until Amazon suggested that he offer it for free. BOOM! Fifty thousand downloads in one weekend. That built name recognition and an…

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People apparently do love us on Yelp!

I received a letter from Yelp: CONGRATULATIONS! PEOPLE LOVE GHOSTWRITERS CENTRAL ON YELP! Dear Ghostwriters Central, We're proud to recognize Ghostwriters Central for the positive ratings and reviews you've earned on Yelp in the last year: A 5-out-of-5-star rating, and…

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The right to be heard in the age of Trump.

And here comes our new president, Donald J. Trump. He has called on the carpet the bosses of news media and journalists and whipped them for writing stories that he believes are erroneous. The meeting was in secret but I…

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