The right to be heard in the age of Trump.

And here comes our new president, Donald J. Trump. He has called on the carpet the bosses of news media and journalists and whipped them for writing stories that he believes are erroneous. The meeting was in secret but I…

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Donald Trump’s speech of September 16, 2016.

My partner Eric suggested last night that we ought to review some speeches and comment on what makes them great, or not so great. How about we begin with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's remarks in Florida on the date…

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Writers who read really hate typos.

I don't know how Eric reacts when he's engrossed in a book or article and comes across a misspelled word, or the wrong word, a punctuation error or big grammatical goof, but I can certainly tell you how I react.…

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Donald Trump’s ghostwriter is feeling guilty.

Here's an ethical dilemma for the ages. Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz claims that he wrote GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's 1987 blockbuster business memoir, "The Art of the Deal." He also says that he put a far higher gloss on the…

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