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Welcome to Ghostwriters Central! We’ve got the expertise to bring your novel manuscript or memoir or business book or journey-of-faith or how-to book to life. We can expertly write your screenplay or doctor the script to fix its problems. Is a wedding on the horizon, and are you expected to offer a toast or a father-of-the-bride, best man or other wedding speech? All you have to do is tell us what has to go into it and we’ll deliver a custom-made speech in time for you to practice. Song lyrics, such as hip-hop? We’ve got you covered.

Really, anything that’s words on paper. Just bring it; we can handle it. (But we’re not gonna do your school homework. For that, you’re on your own).Michael McKown President Ghostwriters Central

We’ve been in business since 2002. Since then, we’ve had thousands of ghostwriting clients, and those clients have been located…everywhere. All US states and around the world. We’ve got the expertise to tackle your project and deliver it on time. Notice that “Client Comments” link on the menu above. That’s a very lengthy list of praise sent our way by our customers. That menu will also direct you to our list of services and useful, informative articles. (One of my favorites is the first one under “Articles,” writers comment on the writing profession. It’s great reading!).

Back in 1980, the writer’s proximity to the client was practically required, but in the 21st century, it’s not necessary. Exchange of documents is handled electronically. If transmission of paper is required, it can travel overnight. Face to face conferences are easily handled by Skype, Face Time on your phone, or other methods. Even by phone. These days, the importance of proximity to the writer ought to be second to the quality and accessibility to the writer.

What about my writers? I have several top-notch writers on staff. You can see their photos and biographies on our ghostwriting staff page. Each was chosen by me. There are many websites that invite you to post your project then a great mass of writers bid on the job. The downside to that method is you are not guaranteed expertise, a price or turnaround time. And who is to be held responsible if the job is botched, the estimated price jumps or deadlines are ignored?

My name is on the door of this business and I have hired writers who know their stuff and will deliver it on time and on budget. Ultimately, I’m the one responsible. When you contact me, we will discuss your project and I will recommend a writer. Your consultation is free and I will provide an estimate of cost. For large projects, a contract will be involved and it will provide a firm turnaround time and price. Large projects are eligible for a payment plan.

Where are we located? We are headquartered in Lancaster, California, not far from Los Angeles. Some of my writers are also located in California; the rest are spread around the USA. As I noted, proximity isn’t important in most cases for clients. Or even for me. I’ll choose a brilliant writer in Maryland over a less-able writer down the street. I want the best I can find and I think it would be beneficial for you to do the same.

When you’re ready to contact us, the toll-free number is on the logo above and other contact info (email, text, fax) can be found on the contact page.

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Experienced pro writers available on a wide variety of subjects for books, screenplays, speeches, etc.


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We also accept payment via PayPal. In the case of large projects, we can work out payment plans,


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Headquartered in the Los Angeles, CA, area but helping clients everywhere with the best possible service.


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