Wedding Officiant Speech 480w

Hi folks!

I have added three new wedding-related articles to the site; you can find them under the Weddings menu. They are:

    • Advice for the Best Man Speech, by Casey and Kaylee York.
    • The Role of Wedding Vows in the Marriage Ceremony, by Rev. Paul Shively. And...
    • Wedding Officiant Speech Writing Services, also by Rev. Shively.

Mr. Shively is a retired pastor whose recollections about adventures as a wedding officiant had me laughing out loud. The officiant is the person who conducts the wedding ceremony. In the photo above, the guy in the middle is the officiant. Rev. Paul has accepted my invitation to join the writing staff. That means if you're going to officiate at a wedding and don't know what to do or say, he can help you.

Go check 'em all out. They're informative, useful and entertaining to read.