MondayCapture 600w   Ever since this business was launched way back in 2002, record keeping, client info, writer info, project assignments and all that fun stuff has been on paper. The result of that has been me drowning in paper. So, in the interest of not drowning in paper and saving some trees that haven't yet burned in endless gigantic forest fires, and saving a lot of time (at my age, I need all I can get), I signed up for a client relationship management service called I will be implementing this immediately, as soon as I understand it. Which means watching tutorial videos, making stupid mistakes and wasting the valuable time of their tech support people. I can hear them talking now: "It's that geezer again, Joanna. You wanna take him this time?" Fortunately, there are a lot of templates available at no extra cost, which will shorten the learning curve. Upward and onward. I hope.