This notice noisily arrived on my iPhone today: Public Safety Alert The County of LA is ordering another curfew from 6pm tonight to 6am tomorrow for all Los Angeles County including all cities in the county. Traveling to and from work, seeking or giving emergency care and emergency responders are exempt. More information is available at Which was followed moments later by: Emergency Alert Curfew now 5pm-6am. I replied with this tweet to the LA County Sheriff's Department: @LASDHQ Yo, regarding the 5pm curfew, my mail gets delivered at 5:30. Curfew or not, I'm gonna walk down the street to get it. Feel free to send a deputy to make sure I don't riot enroute. Or on the way back. #LACURFEW #lariots #laprotest So, if anyone sees me getting arrested, please tell my sister to call Bad Boys Bail Bonds to get me out. Thank you.