It was just curiosity. And the top result was for a list of 10 compiled by writer Nicole Bianchi on her website! If you're a veteran writer, or an aspiring writer...or just love movies...go check out her page. Two of those movies are big favorites of mine: Almost Famous and Finding Forrester. I have them both on disc. Finding Forrester stars Sean Connery as a writer who knocked it out of the park on his first attempt then became a recluse. He's got a guy who runs his errands, he throws his mail in the trash, wears his socks inside out and is abrupt to the point of rudeness. Rob Brown co-stars. Their paths cross and Forrester tutors the 16-year-old inner-city boy in the art of great writing. It's constantly banging around on cable TV and when I happen to come across it, I watch. It's great stuff. Mr. Brown had no acting experience at all. And his first time was with Connery! That he did so well amazes me; I would have been completely intimidated, not only by the distraction of the process of making a film, but also by Connery. Here's a tip of the hat to Ms. Bianchi for her wonderful top 10 list of movies about writers. Go check it out.