Charlene Keel is a high-level writer of fiction. Novels. Short stories. If that's what you need help with, she can certainly accommodate. What you see below arrived a couple days ago; I thought I'd share it with our blog readers:

In my last few years of ghostwriting, I've dealt successfully with all manner of clients, from easy-going to prickly personalities. As I tell them in the beginning of our journey together, it's their book, their story and their characters, not mine. Also that it's my job to capture their voice, tell their story and portray their characters as they see them in a way that will bring it all alive and entice the reader to keep turning pages.

I also promise to tell them (gently but frankly) when I believe they're going in the wrong direction (and why), and I'll try to steer them in a more creative direction -- but bottom line is, it's their book and it's my job to make them happy with the finished product, even if I disagree about how it should be executed.

So far, they have all been satisfied with my work. I'm pretty good with clients, even the prickly ones.

And that, boys and girls, is what you want in a ghostwriter. Charlene is here to help.