True story. One day a client said that to me. Honestly, I was surprised. It never occurred to me that so many other writers don't wish to be called. They put up a website and only allow you to reach them by email. Or by text (probably that text number is accompanied by a warning: TEXT ONLY!). Why would they do that? Don't they want to hear from prospective clients? I can only speculate about their reasons, but the bottom line is, yeah, we have a phone. We even have a toll-free number for those of you who still pay long distance charges. We want you to call us. So many who reach out to us have questions about hiring or working with a ghostwriter. It's a lot easier and much quicker to resolve these questions by phone than it is by email or text. And I really do not like poking a tiny cell phone keyboard in order to write a long message. I can type an email at 70 words a minute but that doesn't apply to texts. And voice rips along much faster than 70 wpm! Bottom line, you can reach us by phone. Most of the time we'll answer at night or on weekends. Don't be shy. Punch up some digits. Toll free: 888-743-9939. Or local at: 818-433-4050. When I pick up, you'll hear: "This is Mike. Can I help you?"