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Meet our ghostwriting staff.


Here are our star writers. They were asked to supply a photo and a brief “bio” so that prospective clients could learn about them. They are presented in alphabetical order, except for the last one. He’s admin and doesn’t count.





Brian Ackley, speechwriting, screenwriting, TV commercials and non-fiction ghostwriting.


Brian Ackley

Brian is a prolific writer, screenwriter and playwright with several of his manuscripts produced either as feature films or full-length plays. Primarily a narrative film storyteller, Brian moves through various genres and visually artistic forms to explore characters, situations and themes both close to home and foreign. He crafts stories for himself, and he develops and edits stories for others. As a commissioned writer, Brian has worked within an assortment genres, including sci/fi, horror, thriller, comedy, romance, family, musical, and drama.

Smaller projects have utilized Brian’s storytelling skillset, namely music videos, commercials, and fundraising campaigns. Brian has over a decade of experience working with kids in an after school setting offering instruction and guidance on creative writing and video production. He’s volunteered his time and skills for non-profit organizations, as well.

Non-fiction has its place on Brian’s desktop, too. A longtime fan of The New Yorker’s Shouts & Murmurs section, Brian loves writing humor pieces as satire on worldly subjects (religion, politics, etc.) or as alternative perspectives into the absurd. He also likes to write — more seriously — on topics he knows well: filmmaking, screenwriting, improv, kid activities, etc.. Brian has written articles for online film publications, and parenting blogs with a focus on education. Brian’s written award-winning grant proposals for the Webster Groves School District Foundation in Missouri.

Brian works very intimately with clients to assure that their message comes across regardless of form. The message; the story is always the key component to the communication.







Mike Branom, crisis communications, technical writing, reports, manuals and press releases.


Mike Branom

Mike Branom writes what you need written, and if you’ve already written it, he’ll make it better.

That’s a simple run-down of what Mike can do for you when you hire him through Ghostwriters Central. But effective writing is not simple, and erring on any one of countless complexities can silence your message. If you put out a news release rife with typos and grammatical errors, your audience will wonder what else you get wrong. Or perhaps the copy in your bio is clean as a whistle yet impenetrable to readers due to industry jargon and acronyms.

In one recent instance, a civil engineering firm contracted for a pipeline project in North Hollywood brought in Mike because the company had invented a few systems on the fly — yet never wrote anything down. Mike “interviewed” the engineers, then wrote the information into manuals that were clear, concise, and accurate. If he can do it for a crew digging some 50 feet beneath Lankershim Boulevard, he can do it for you. Mike also edits for the University of Southern California’s Center for Economic and Social Research, entrusted with academic papers, reports to benefactors, grant applications, program agendas, website copy, and more. Researchers there swear by his keen eye, insisting he give their work a once-over before distribution to their audiences.

Mike’s career has been dedicated to clear, effective communication. Tell Ghostwriters Central you want Mike on your side, and you’ll never be at a loss for words.





Deborah Jane Burke, song lyric writing, including rap, hip-hop. All genres.


Deborah Jane Burke

Mic check 1,2,1,2. Not the words you expect to bust out of Orange County, California, but that’s where Deborah Jane found her funk.

Deborah Jane, aka Retro Raptress, is the daughter of Guyanese immigrants. She grew up in an all-white suburb where she was one of the only black kids in her school. (Fun fact: She didn’t make her first black friend until attending Stanford University).

Hip-hop gave her a voice and helped her discover her roots. Now Deborah Jane is an emcee, lyricist and writer who both spits raps and writes songs for other artists, editorials, TV and films – especially hip-hop musicals. She was the hip-hop columnist for Music is My Oxygen Magazine. As an artist, her signature style mixes hip-hop and pin-up girl swag. She is her Retro-Lutionary Mixtape.

At Stanford University, Deborah Jane wrote and produced an award-winning hip-hop musical, Strange Fruit: The Hip-hopera – now in development as a feature film through her production company, House of Deborah Jane. She also obtained her Masters in Screenwriting from USC Film School.

With over 20 years experience as a writer, Deborah Jane can help other artists find their voice and unique style through superb lyricism and innovative songwriting.







Joe Carlen, business writing, blogs and website content.


Joe Carlen

An experienced writer and ghostwriter, Mr. Carlen excels in a wide variety of nonfiction writing projects. In 2008, Carlen co-authored From Lifeguard to Sun King, the autobiography of Banana Boat® inventor and founder Robert Bell. Bell’s memoir became a Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

In 2012, Carlen’s own The Einstein of Money was published. The book is a biography of the late Benjamin Graham, a brilliant intellectual who revolutionized the investment world while leading a wildly unorthodox romantic life. Graham was also the mentor of Warren Buffett, who Carlen interviewed for the book. It’s the most comprehensive biography of Graham ever published.

However, Carlen considers his 2016 book, A Brief History of Entrepreneurship, to be his best work to date. Published by Columbia University Press, the book traces the evolution of entrepreneurship from ancient Mesopotamia to the present in a highly readable manner. In late 2017, it was translated to Mandarin and published by a prominent Beijing publishing house.

Carlen has ghostwritten several books that are neither memoirs/biographies nor business-related. These include fitness, medicine, entertainment (he’s a musician and a lifelong film buff), and non-business history. Carlen can bring any nonfiction topic to life with his engaging writing style, exceptional research and editing skills. He is known for writing excellent nonfiction book proposals and professional business plans.

Joe has a bachelor’s in Near Eastern Studies from the University of Toronto, an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, and a master’s in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.





Evelyn Gabai, copywriter extraordinaire, all varieties of advertising, and editing.


Evelyn Gabai

Evelyn’s career as a writer spans 30 years and counting. She’s had extensive experience in TV and film as a screenwriter, editor and script doctor. She is an Emmy and Scott Newman Award winner who has written for nearly every major studio in Hollywood, including Disney, Warner Bros., Sony, Nickelodeon, PBS, Marvel, and more.

She has also served as a copywriter and editor for Fortune 500 companies, and that includes copywriting for print and broadcast advertising.

Evelyn  is trained to deliver quality material under tight deadlines, think quickly and problem solve. She can even switch styles to suit your needs (i.e. compose copy in a conservative or dynamic manner; mimic another writer’s style, etc.). She also builds a draft system into her work so that you will always be satisfied with the results. Happy clients are her priority!

Additionally, Evelyn has developed and licensed original web content, is proficient in SEO-friendly writing, blog and programming concepts for companies that include Mattel, Disney, Warner Bros., and Hasbro. She served as Director of Creative Development for the licensing company, Icons.

Evelyn holds a B.S. in Mass Communications/Television Production from Emerson College in Massachusetts. She is a volunteer wildlife rescue person and environmental activist.




Kate Jonez, accomplished ghostwriter, novelist, speechwriter, editor and script doctor.

Kate Jonez

Dark fantasy and thriller author Kate Jonez has twice been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award and once for the Shirley Jackson. Her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in The Best Horror of the Year Vol. 8, Black Static, Pseudopod, Gamut and Haunted Nights edited by Ellen Datlow and Lisa Morton.

She is also the chief editor at the Bram Stoker Award winning small press Omnium Gatherum. In the six years Kate and her talented team of editors have been in business they have produced more than 65 works of dazzling fiction. Many of these talented authors and their books have been nominated for literary awards.

As a freelance editor/script doctor, Kate has helped many creative people get their work into shape to submit to publishers or producers. She excels at dialog, description and pacing. She can also helped self publishers create a a full book package including cover and marketing materials.




Thomas Cleveland Lane, book manuscripts, poetry, theatrical scripts and novel writing.


Thomas Cleveland Lane

Thomas Cleveland Lane is a semi-retired writer of sense and nonsense. In the former category, he works part-time writing business letters for an accounting firm. In the latter category, he is a poet, playwright, novelist, lyricist, commentator and snarkologist.

Mr. Lane has written two poetry collections, three plays and two serious novels, most of which are available dirt cheap. He has also put together an anthology (that he wrote himself under a variety of pen-names, because that’s the kind of bogus character that he is) called Shaggy Dogs: A Collection of Not-So-Short Stories. No, these are not wonderful tales of man’s best friend, but rather, a collection of shaggy-dog stories. If you don’t know what a shaggy-dog story is, ask your grandpa. Better yet, buy the book. Anything he has published is somewhere on Amazon.

Mr. Lane’s chief hobby is amateur and non-union theater. Unlike his writing, he performs just for the love of the theater, although he does get a small stipend from the Washington Area Decency League, after having played Hinezie in The Pajama Game, to never, ever appear on stage in his underpants again. When he has not managed to cajole some poor misbegotten director into casting him, he likes to enter piano bars and annoy the patrons with his singing. You may well wish to note that all he can offer you is the written word, without a peep to be heard.

Count your blessings.







Chuck Loch, award-winning, highly-skilled screenwriter.


Chuck Loch

With over 20 years’ professional story development and screenwriting experience, and as a teacher of screenwriting, Chuck Loch has had the opportunity to develop and collaborate on dozens of screenplays and films.

He’s a member of the Writers Guild of America, and earned an MFA in Screenwriting from the number one screenwriting school in the nation, UCLA. He’s won over 35 awards in U. S. screenwriting competitions and he’s coached screenwriters at an international film company to win two “Angel” awards — the European equivalent to the Oscars.

His personal work includes over two dozen screenplays and teleplays in the genres of drama, crime, comedy, historical biopic, alternative history, military/war, Christian, young adult, sci-fi, horror, and love.

His specialty is “heart.” It’s what the story is really about — not the plot. It’s the universal experience that all people relate to that moves them emotionally.

Chuck believes people watch movies to feel something. Heart is what makes screenplays and films powerful. Whether it’s to laugh, or cry, or be afraid, audiences want the experience of emotion.

All of his screenplays contain copious amounts of heart. Because they do, he won the United Talent Agency Fellowship in Screenwriting during his last year in school.

After UCLA, he was a staff writer on a one-hour drama for two years, had several scripts optioned, and wrote others on assignment or as a ghostwriter for production companies. In addition to complete screenplays and teleplays, he’s written treatments, done rewriting, doctoring, coaching, and editing.






Michael McKown

Michael, described by his co-founder as “…good-humored, and fun.” Yeah, right.


Michael McKown

Michael McKown studied journalism in college then began his writing and editing career in the US Navy. That started in 1966 where he served as a shore station and shipboard journalist. And then his career path turned to working dogs.

In 1976, he co-founded the United Schutzhund Clubs of America and created its bimonthly magazine, Schutzhund USA. In 1978, he founded a monthly magazine, Dog Sports, at which he served as editor and publisher for over 20 years. He branched off into digital publishing in 1998 where he served as an interviewer, writer and editor for 12 years. For eight of those years, he also wrote, produced and directed many feature-length videos.

While still involved with that business, he teamed up with a young book editor in 2002 to form Ghostwriters Central. This company has fulfilled the writing needs of an endless assortment of clients, from high-profile figures to new authors. That young book editor was instrumental in bringing Ghostwriters Central to the forefront of professional writing services and was part of the company for 15 long years. He has since moved on but other extremely-talented writers have recently joined the firm.

Every project undertaken by Ghostwriters Central, from a one-page document to a published 300-page manuscript to wedding vows to filmed screenplays, is handled with the utmost care. We always deliver clients’ projects with excitement, secure in the knowledge that we have devoted great effort to the cause.




It doesn’t get any better than us.

The company

Ghostwriters Central sets itself apart from its competitors in two major ways:

1) We’re the most down-to-earth ghostwriting service we know of. Whereas many of our competitors approach their work with an air of entitlement, we pride ourselves on keeping things simple, open, good-humored, and fun. Indeed, we attribute a good part of our success to our attitude. People hire Ghostwriters Central again and again because we operate with 0% nonsense and 100% accessibility and professionalism.

2) Our pricing has been designed with full awareness of the client’s needs. Our affordable rates reflect the fact that whether you’re hiring us to write a book, a screenplay, a speech, web text for your site, marriage vows or what have you, we fully acknowledge that you’re often at the beginning of a long and involved process (i.e., getting published, getting a movie produced, delivering a speech), and we have no intention of using that to our advantage. In fact, we recommend that you beware of ghostwriting companies that attempt to inflate the value of their work via grossly inflated prices.



Experienced pro writers available on a wide variety of subjects for books, screenplays, speeches, etc.



We also accept payment via PayPal. In the case of large projects, we can work out payment plans,



Headquartered in the Los Angeles, CA, area but helping clients everywhere with the best possible service.


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