Business blog & social media ghost writing services

Business blog & social media ghost writing services:
Promotional webtext puts your company in the best-possible light.

By- Joe Carlen

Increasingly, the modern storefront is found online in the form of your website and, in many cases, your social media presence as well. Especially in today’s fast-paced digital world, first impressions are often where prospects are either intrigued to learn more or are lost forever. The quality of the promotional text on your website or your social media page(s) is a primary element of that first impression. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to have that text written by a professional with extensive promotional writing experience.

Along with writing successful business books, marketing plans, and other such documents, I have been writing digital promotional content since 1997. Moreover, aside from studying marketing, I completed a Master’s This is the blog bulb. Its purpose is to remind you of the importance of blogging in commerce today. Hire a ghostwriter to handle it if you can' in Information Systems majoring in E-Commerce. So, I know what kind of content motivates purchases, phone calls, registrations, or whatever action your website and social media presence are intended to motivate.

Furthermore, with that much experience in this field, I also know the nuances of website content vs. social media content. After all, in some instances, a certain kind of phrasing may work well for a website but not nearly as well in a social media context. Less experienced digital copywriters are often unaware of these differences, much to the detriment of their clients.

Standing out from the crowd

“The surplus society”, according to business authors Kjell Nordström and Jonas Ridderstråle, “has a surplus of similar companies, employing similar people, with similar educational backgrounds, coming up with similar ideas, producing similar things, with similar prices and similar quality.” Yet, every business has at least something that is different/better than the competition. Perhaps it’s quality, customer service, price, some unique and/or patented feature, etc. High quality promotional text deliberately written to highlight those differentiators is an effective way of setting your brand apart from the crowd, both online and offline.

For example, several years ago, a client in the digital photography industry came to me with the complaint that he had a prospect tell him that he couldn’t see what distinguished my client’s image printing business from more established competitors. So, he hired me to rewrite the website and make it unambiguously clear that his particular image printing business — and his alone — provided products and options that were not available anywhere else. That rewrite, along with some graphic changes to his site, effectively repositioned his business as a trailblazer instead of merely a copycat.

Such differentiation generates benefits on all levels. As W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne explain in Blue Ocean Strategy, the greater a brand’s differentiation, the more secure its competitive position and the greater latitude it has for charging more and earning wider profit margins. For example, a customer who understands that a certain site’s products are entirely unique is more likely to pay a premium on those products while one who doesn’t understand that will likely look elsewhere for cheaper options. By and large, that understanding is dictated by the thoroughness and quality of the site’s promotional writing. 

Site “stickiness”

Among other metrics, Google monitors the amount of time that an average visitor spends on your site when determining where to place your business in the search rankings. That’s why it is critical to engage visitors with important content. The most effective content in this regard provides valuable information to the visitor free of charge while also promoting your particular product or service.

For example, this past year, a client in the legal services hired me to write some content to improve his site’s stickiness. So, I provided a series of articles about the do’s and don’ts of intellectual property protection. He was the domain expert so he provided me with the raw information and I converted his bullet points into well-written and easily readable online content in his name. Now, people spend much longer on his site obtaining valuable information. Aside from improving stickiness and, consequently, search engine rankings, the articles have bolstered his status as an expert, or authority, in the field.


Robert Cialdini, the world-renowned expert on the science of persuasion, cites authority as one of six powerful tools for influencing someone else to take a certain action. In other words, the more a prospect sees a brand or an individual as an authority in a particular field, the more likely it is that the prospect will become a customer. Moreover, even for existing customers, the data suggests that authority is an effective influencer for motivating additional purchases.

Of course, Cialdini’s lesson is not to pretend to be an expert but, rather, to highlight one’s authority about a particular area as much as possible. For example, I did some work for a nutraceutical company whose owner was a bit bashful about her impressive educational credentials which include a Masters degree in biology. Aside from encouraging her to make ample mention of that degree, I wrote a series of blog posts for her business that helped bolster her image as an authority on nutrition for those suffering from a particular disease.

Considering that the purpose of the site was to sell nutraceuticals for that same disease, her stature as an authority had a direct bearing on the credibility of the product being sold. That’s why the professional blog posts that I provided were a very worthwhile investment for her business. If one’s authority is not sufficiently evident from what’s written on the site, prospects will look elsewhere online to find a more authoritative source.  

A tailored approach

For every promotional writing engagement, I always take the unique context of each situation into account. I also make sure that I understand the industry so that its competitive dynamics inform my promotional writing. Whether I’m writing for a Fortune 500 company, a midsize company, a startup, or even a one-person enterprise, the context helps shape the content. As well, the intended medium and format for the content also helps determine the choice of words and style of phrasing. 

For example, two years ago I was hired by a prominent fitness guru to provide both web and social media content. Of course, the content and pacing of a 1,200-word article differ (or should differ) from those of a 140-character (or, more recently, 280-character) tweet. Furthermore, the purpose of those two pieces of writing are also quite distinct. The former is meant to educate and keep site visitors engaged for longer periods of time while the latter is meant to be a more immediate promotional message. By being very conscious of those differences, I am able to maximize the impact of each promotional writing project, no matter how large or small.

Getting started

All I need is the raw data and then I’m off and running converting that data into professionally-crafted promotional writing that grabs eyeballs and motivates purchases. That data can be provided via email or, if you prefer, we can set up a phone or Skype call for the same purpose. You’ve already invested a lot into your website and social media presence. Don’t lose out on the full potential of digital marketing due to substandard promotional writing. Instead, get in touch with a professional business writer who’ll make your content and your message sparkle.

What will it cost?

Four blog posts written per month: $500 per month.
Eight blog posts written per month: $950 per month.
Twelve blog posts written per month: $1,200 per month.

You get one free round of editing per post.

A smashing blog draws in traffic, defines and deepens your brand, gets visitors and engaged and communicating, and builds trust and confidence among your customers/clients, new and existing alike. Additionally, blog posts qualify as website updates and fresh content can benefit your site in improved search engine rankings. And that boosts the number of visitors your site gets from search engine results. A blog will benefit your business.

We are fully prepared to provide stellar custom business blog writing services to you right away. Let us help you build your business.

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