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Our professional ghostwriting services include book manuscripts, screenplays, script doctoring, memoirs, speeches, song lyrics, poetry, rewriting, editing and more! If you need help, call Ghostwriters Central in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, toll free at 888-743-9939 10am to 6pm Pacific Time. Or you can send us a text message anytime at 747-333-8660, we will reply right away. We can provide a cost and turnaround time estimate up front. Your consultation is FREE!

You are full of thoughts and ideas that you know are important. A story that has lived deeply inside you is yearning to enter the world, to be shared with humanity. It may be your story, a story of your life, of your own personal voyage. Perhaps your friends have always told you that you should write a book. Maybe it is the story of a world you have imagined, and have peopled with amazing characters. Maybe you have time tested wisdom, or need to communicate important business information in a formal presentation. But, how will you do all this?

This is the point where a professional ghostwriter becomes your greatest ally. A ghostwriter is a collaborator who will help you realize your work. You create the substance of your story, and the ghostwriter makes it take shape. Explain to us the thoughts, the sequence of events, the rhythm and the atmosphere, and the tone and we will create a polished, finished written work that carries your ideas and story to the reader. You needn’t apologize to us for not being a writer. Writing is its own profession and requires a lengthy study and practice to refine. We are writers, and want to have engagement with people who have a need to form their ideas into a complete written work.

Ghostwriters aren’t consultants who will teach and give coaching. The purpose of ghostwriting is not to fill your head with grammar and style rules, but to draw out from you your story and ideas. You do not do the heavy labor.

You give us your vision and your information, and we turn it into a compelling work that grips the reader and communicates your thoughts and feelings in a fast-paced, memorable and professional finished work.

In the final analysis, there is no question about who “the real author” is. It is you. It is your story, your thoughts and creative ideas. We simply bring our help as professional writers to you, to realize your creative ideas.

We employ diligent and forceful effort to deliver high-quality, high-impact writing to our ghostwriting clients, on time and on budget. We desire that our clients will be happy with our work. No reasonable writer wants a dissatisfied client arriving with the cavalry and artillery pieces after delivering a written work. We are professionals, and create wonderful writing, to your specifications.

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We are happy to provide references on request. We can also offer a free, custom sample of writing, drawn from your own notes.

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