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Meet our world-class ghostwriting staff:


The best of the best. To produce outstanding results, you need outstanding writers. The ladies and gentlemen above will deliver exceptional quality work on time and on budget — with no surprises, no drama, no excuses and no headaches. If that’s what you need, welcome to Ghostwriters Central! Learn about our ghostwriting staff here.

Our ghostwriting service roster includes book manuscript writing and rewriting, book proposals, original screenplays and script doctoring, movie treatments, speech writing of every kind, song lyrics, poetry, business branding and blogs, web content, and just about anything else that involves words on paper.

You can reach us right now by text at: 747-333-8660, or toll-free by voice at 888-743-9939 (or 818-433-4050) from 10 am to 6 pm Pacific Time. We are located in the Los Angeles, CA, area. Your consultation is free!

If this is the first time you’ve considered hiring a ghostwriting professional, you probably have some questions. Here are some common questions and our answers:

“How long have you been in business?” Every day since 2002.

“Have you ever written a military book (or a journey-of-faith book, or a celebrity memoir, or a best seller, or a movie that’s been produced, or rap song, a business blog or a sales speech or eulogy)?” Sure have.

“Do I just hand you the notes and you hand back the finished manuscript, or can I talk with the writer?” Of course you can talk with the writer.

“You’re in Los Angeles. I’m in Philadelphia. How would we work together on my project?” Communication is facilitated by phone, text, Skype video conferencing, email and Dropbox. Paper journals, notes and documents can travel overnight. Whatever works for you, we can do.

“Do I get to see what you’re writing before it’s finished?” Your writer will be checking in with you regularly, so yes.

“How do I know I’ll be happy with your work?” With large projects, such as books or movie scripts, you will be reviewing and approving the work throughout the process. With all projects, when the work is completed, you have the right to a round of revisions.

“Does your name need to be on my manuscript as the author?”

Not unless you want it to be. It’s your project and your name goes on it.

“Can I talk with your book (or screenplay) clients?” Probably not. We are frequently signed to confidentiality agreements. People who hire us often don’t want others to know about it. Check out the Client Comments page, the link is on the menu.

“How do I know you won’t steal my idea?” We will sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect you.

We believe that fine storytelling is driven by sincere human emotion. That’s where Ghostwriters Central always excels, and where the competition too often falls short. This is a medium of feeling. As such, our work is intense, compelling, hilarious, heartbreaking — whatever the task at hand calls for. We’re not cool writers; we run hot. If we can’t feel it, then you won’t feel it — and nobody else will, either.

We love it when our clients say they laughed, or cried, or got ignited or inspired. And we’ve made that happen thousands of times. This is all about transferring emotion from one party to another. That’s how the reader/audience grows. That’s what people literally mean when they say they were “moved.”

Bring us your book project, your movie idea, the speech you need to deliver, the book proposal, the script treatment, your wedding vows or song without lyrics. Or bring us the project in need of a rewrite, or the mangled work generated by a deep-discount writer. We will turn it into something fantastic!


Experienced pro writers available on a wide variety of subjects for books, screenplays, speeches, etc.



We also accept payment via PayPal. In the case of large projects, we can work out payment plans,



Headquartered in the Los Angeles, CA, area but helping clients everywhere with the best possible service.


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