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Custom wedding speech writing services:

Father of the bride speeches ● Mother of the groom speeches

Bridesmaid speeches ● Mother of the bride speeches
Best man speeches ● Toasts ● Any and all wedding speeches!


We can write your custom wedding speech! We will put your thoughts, feelings and emotion into words guaranteed to powerfully communicate. Call Ghostwriters Central toll-free at 888-743-9939 10am to 6pm Pacific Time. Or send a text message at 747-333-8660, we will reply right away. You can be assured of expert, prompt, conscientious and affordable service. Ask about our rush rates for immediate turnaround.


This funny fellow is delivering a classic wedding speech and getting a big reaction. We wrote it.

If you need a custom wedding speech, all you need to do is call, email or text us. We will send you a questionnaire to fill out and the speech will be custom crafted from there, to meet your requirements. We’ll make sure it’s easy to deliver and memorable.

What sort of wedding speeches are we talking about?

  • Father of the bride
  • Father of the groom
  • Bridesmaid
  • Mother of the bride
  • Mother of the groom
  • Wedding toasts
  • …Anything else that you may require.

Typically, marriage speeches are at least two minutes, seldom over three minutes.

Cost: $50 per double-spaced page. It usually takes about one minute to read a double-spaced page, so a two-minute speech is two pages, or $100. We also rewrite or edit speeches. Rewriting is $30 per double-spaced page, while editing is $10 per.

Here’s what two happy wedding speech clients had to say about our work: 

“The speech went great. I was nervous the first couple sentences then it went great, just like you said. The shotgun incident was one of the best parts. I received a lot of compliments, the photographer said it was one of the best speeches that he has ever heard and he’s been to hundreds of weddings. One of my greatest fears was speaking in front of a group. I feel a lot more confident now. Thank you very much for your help.”

“You guys rock!!! I love that speech/rap and find the whole concept hysterical! Now I have to be strong and work up the nerve to deliver it well. Since you did such a fabulous job, I’ll be calling on your assistance for another wedding I have in the near future. Thanks for all your hard work! You saved me loads of time.”



Experienced pro writers available on a wide variety of subjects for books, screenplays, speeches, etc.



We also accept payment via PayPal. In the case of large projects, we can work out payment plans,



Headquartered in the Los Angeles, CA, area but helping clients everywhere with the best possible service.


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